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Nov 24, 2007 12:15 PM

Spago at the Ritz Carlton-Bachelor Gulch,CO

Has anyone been to the newly opened Spago at the former Remington's in Bachelor Gulch? I was wondering if anyone had had a chance to check it out. We will be in the area over Christmas and thanks to this board we have many great ideas for a meal. Just curious about this new spot in comparison to the rest of the dining available.

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  1. So it's a Spago now. Last time there, it was Remington's and very good. I heard that they were going to change the concept.

    Cannot comment on the new iteration, but if it's as good as Remington's was, it should be well worth the $ and the time.

    Looking forward to a review. Wish that I could help you with your question.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      I believe that the grand opening is the 6th, tho' they might have had a soft opening already. With the uninspiring ski conditions so far, I can't imagine that there is a big Thanksgiving weekend crowd this year.

      1. re: ClaireWalter

        you are correct... the soft opening weekend is around the 6th. I will report after a visit!!!

        1. re: foodissexy

          hmmm, i had heard that they were in the midst of a soft opening right now, but maybe not?

          1. re: glazebrookgirl

            I talked to some local folks that tried it last night. They said the place looks great and the food was outstanding. They didn't say anything about the price, I'm pretty sure they were comped. And as you already know the hard opening is 12/6.

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              Thanks for the link. But have any real people actually eaten there and willing to tell us about it?

              1. re: ddavis

                I'm pretty sure that's Claire's blog and that the post is her report on her experience there.

                1. re: RobynS

                  Oops! My bad. I need to read more closely. Please accept my apology.

                  1. re: ddavis

                    I've gotten lot's feedback from folks who have been to opening events, which were while Wolfie was here. But still haven't heard anything from everyday (if you can use that phase in this situation) diners. The $17 for apps and $54 steak mains will keep me from trying it.

                    The good news is this should make it easier to get in the places in the Eagle River Valley I really want to go.

                    1. re: BlueOx

                      More "real people" -- perhaps make that "real rich people" or "really rich people" -- will go there Christmas Week. I don't know how many of them are Chowhounds. :-) Before wondering whether Spago will deteroriate without Puck himself around, consider that there are currently 15 or 16 restaurants (four are Spagos) in the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group. He can't personally be on site everywhere all the time, and those other places don't seem to suffer -- or so I've been told.

                      1. re: ClaireWalter

                        “Suffer” is an appropriate word for my experiences with the Wolfgang Puck Express at DIA. :-) After multiple stops over the years, I can confidently say I would rather eat pizza at a Sbarro in a shopping mall and follow it up with week-old pastries from a gas station for dessert than ever eat there again. We can thank Mr. Puck profusely for bringing Chef Jennifer Jasinski to Denver, and he’s obviously a marketing genius and pioneer. However, I’ve never understood the appeal of his “fast-casual” concepts. Why would he want his name associated with boring airport fare (or for that matter, frozen pizzas in the grocery store)? I mean, it’s possible to do a cheap, fast-casual place with decent food (Noodles, Chipotle) so you would think if anyone could do it, it would be Puck. I’m sure it’s probably difficult to hire the kind of staff you really want at the airport, but I didn’t think his short-lived Cherry Creek location was much better. One would think the Puck Express would be able to serve a tortilla soup (which was one of the better items on the menu at the closed Pavillions location) or mac-and-cheese appropriately, but after I eat there, I always find myself thinking I should have queued up at the woeful Pizza Hut Express instead.

                        And I don’t think the size of a person’s bank account necessarily precludes them from being a Chowhound. People who are really into food and not just a “scene” appreciate not only a multi-course tasting menu filled with truffles and caviar but also a perfect street taco and a gorgeous ear of sweet corn perfectly in season from a farmer’s market. (Perhaps some land barons in ski country could chime in here...winky, winky...)

                        1. re: rlm

                          I tend to agree. I've done a few Spagos and Postino, SF, and then the various Puck units at various airports, most recently at SFO, while waiting for my wife to fly up from LA. Big, honking mistake. There are too many decent spots at SFO (and LAX, for that matter), and I found nothing to be impressed with. Now, I still like his canned soups, but that is a different post for a different board.

                          The name does not carry mediocre food, regardless of whose name appears on the marquee.


                          1. re: Bill Hunt

                            Airport food tends to run the gamut from lowest common denominator to really crummy. "Themes" and big chain names predominate. "Mediocre" is often the best there is. In the past few months, I have had mediocre sushi at Vancouver Intl Airport (the city has GREAT Asian food of all sorts), mediocre quiche at Harrod's (!!!!!!) Cafe at London's Heathrow and mediocre salads at Stinger Ray's, which seem to be at every airport in Hawaii and not very good at any of them. And did I mention that in addition to uninspiring food and often poor service, airport eateries don't offer very good values.

                            1. re: ClaireWalter

                              I will ignore the "Rich People" comment as I am a chowhound here in Beaver Creek for the week. We skied in for a fantastic lunch at Spago today. The room is a fun and modern open space which is a light-filled and spacious respite from the slopes. The service was impressive - from the moment we walked in...including offering us slippers so that we could take off our boots and they even found me hand cream at my request!! Our waiter was friendly, accomodating and full of good suggestions. We settled on a very delicious New Zealand Sav by the glass (I was affraid the super Tuscan on the menu which looked yummy might put me to sleep). The saussage pizza was fairly typical of a WP menu.The eggplant and goat cheese were the perfect foil for the stronger saussage and tomato. We followed that with a seared tuna salad. In retrospect - the salad should have come first. It was a beautifuly presented plate with a wide range of flavors from the wasabe glazed tuna to the sharp briney olives, sweet tomatoes, natural artichokes and my favorite - blue cheese and anchovy cruton. The meal was quite generous and well priced-$75 for the what it was -- a treat for two chowhounds who have been dealing with resort food and kids for a week! We had an amazing few hours of great food, nice wines and extraordinary sevice.I would plan to go and loose yourself in the fantastic food and service!

                              1. re: fortyweeks

                                I just ate there this past weekend. The skinny is this- nice re-design of the space, excellent menu, food is GREAT, prices are DISRESPECTFULLY EXPENSIVE. I am a person who eats at upscale restaurants almost as a hobby and really appreciates the whole dining experience. Sticker shock is normally not part of my vocabulary. However, when appetizers are between $30 and $45 and entrees are up in the $40s, $50s, and $60s, that defies explanation. It is an excellent restaurant- don't get me wrong. However, I would not go back nor feel comfortable bringing friends or guests strictly due to the price. For me- the story of this restaurant is told strictly by the ridiculous pricing. Try $230 for 2 people before the tip and with only 1 cocktail- thats 2 apps, 2 entrees, 1 desert, 1 cocktail, and 1 espresso. Ouch...oh and 2 bottles of still water.

                                1. re: ChicagoEagleDirect

                                  CED, thanks for the report. Let's see what discount scheme they use in the "mud" season. They have to keep open or lose their staff. I'd rather eat at both Dish and Larkspur than once at Spago. In the redo to put Spago in they took out the "fly fishing" room, which I thought was the best place to have a beer or glass of wine after a day of skiing or hiking (or fishing). I guess when I go to LA, I'll have to find a restaurant with a real mountain feel. :>)

                                  1. re: ChicagoEagleDirect

                                    Appetizers begin at $30? Holy hell. Did you get the diamond-crusted eagle breast or something?

                                    1. re: ChicagoEagleDirect

                                      I'd have to dig to find my review of the old Remington's, but that sounds totally out of line. It was not an inexpensive spot, but my memory does not come close to those prices, and I was there for two dinners.

                                      Oh well, some feel that they should charge, what the market will bear. I like the comment on "Mud Season." Would be interested to hear if the prices fall a bit.


                                  2. re: ClaireWalter

                                    Off-topic, but on to airport food: had a very, very good meal during a 6 hr. layover in DEN at the Pour La France (the sit-down area). Besides the Yankee Pier (SFO), I think that it was the best we've had in many years.