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Nov 24, 2007 12:12 PM

Grimaldi's pizza Las Vegas review

I found it kind of disappointing. I ordered a large cheese pizza (no extra toppings). It wasn't as hot as I would've liked it and how I normally would've had it back in NY. The cheese was still firm instead of melted and slightly browned. The crust was pretty dry and brittle instead of crisp and chewy. I don't think they had the oven as hot as it should've been. It wasn't as good as NY's Lombardi's or even Grimaldi's in Hoboken. They did just open up a few months ago so I'm hoping they'll improve.

On a positive note, the restaurant is a nice size w/ high ceilings and the wait staff are pretty friendly. The restaurant is located in a nice strip mall a few doors down from Freed's Bakery which I hear is very good.

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  1. i googled grimaldi's - 1st saw the brooklyn/ nj website - it had a tab to forward to get the az and vegas info - but it only listed places in az - where is the vegas location - you mention freed's - the old locastion or the newest spot in the 7 hills area. do they use a coal oven ?

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    1. re: kjs

      Here's the url

      The Vegas location is:
      Richmar Plaza
      9595 S Eastern Ave. Ste.100
      Las Vegas, NV 89123

      I think it's by the new Freed's location. Grimaldi's does use a coal oven but I don't think they put enough coals in their oven. I'll try them again later when the craving strikes. Let me know if it is any better for you.

      1. re: liv2eat2008

        i'll try it this coming week - i've got grimaldi's, payard's and diablo's on my list ...i might get a few treats at freed's also, but i'm not a huge fan of the old freed's...but i like their eclairs !!!

        1. re: kjs

          If you're after NY style pizza by the slice and not necessarily the coal oven style w/ the fresh slices of mozzerella and basil, you might like Anthony & Mario's Broadway Pizza. I've tried Rocco's (Buffallo bet Charleston/Sahara) which also sells by the slice and is pretty good, but think Anthony's comes pretty close to NY pizza by the slice.

          Anthony & Mario's Broadway Pizza
          850 S Rancho Dr
          Las Vegas, NV 89106

          As for treats, I like Luv Its for their frozen custard. I tried Sheridan's Frozen Custard after reading a thread on how it was better than Luv Its. They're both about the same to me. Sheridan's is a little cheaper and has slightly better and authentic custard and fresher toppings, but it's in Henderson and I'm closer to Luv Its.

          1. re: liv2eat2008

            I heartily second Broadway Pizza - the best I have found here by a long shot.

        2. re: liv2eat2008

          I sure hope you meant that they don't put enough "coal" in the oven. They don't use coals, as in the burnt down residue from wood. It's real, honest to goodness coal that comes out of the mines. Don't let Al Gore know about this, he'll try to shut down Grimaldi's for contributing to global warming.

          1. re: IslayMan

            You've got a point and that probably explains why my pizza wasn't very hot or good. I read somewhere that new coal ovens were banned in Manhattan (don't know when) so it's probably non-existent in Las Vegas. I hear the original Grimaldi's in Brooklyn has a real coal oven. Anyway, they really should crank up that oven and get that pizza as close to the original as possible.

            1. re: liv2eat2008

              This is veering on off-topic territory, but I just wanted to clarify. No restaurant in NYC can install a new coal oven, but some old ones have been grandfathered.

      2. Have you tried Settebelo's? It is authentic Napoletana pizza. They use artisinal flour from Italy and they have a woodfire oven that I think was shipped from Italy. It's not your usual NYC pizza place, but boy is it great!!!! If you like that crisp crust I think you will really enjoy this place.
        A local food critic compared the two recently and I just don't think there is any comparison at all.

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        1. re: foodiefromfl

          I was about to check it out this wk. I've heard lots of good things about this place. Things like their being certified by Vera Pizza Napoletana for making authentic, true-to-form Neapolitan pizza. I'm really psyched to try this place out. Thanks for the recommendation!

          1. re: foodiefromfl

            I just tried Settebello's yesterday and was thoroughly pleased w/ their pizza! That crust was unbelievably good... so crisp and chewy at the same time. They added the perfect amt of sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil. The only downside was the trek down to Henderson. I spk w/ the lovely Christine who waited on us and she informed me that they were contemplating opening another branch in Summerlin. The only thing holding them back is the rent which would be 3x more expensive. Then again, the revenue would be 3x more too.

            Anyway, I've finally found great pizza in Las Vegas w/ really nice ambience.

            1. re: liv2eat2008

              I know it's a trek for you. I think they have been trying to find a good stop in Summerlin for quite a while now so I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Did you get on their e-mail list? That will keep you updated.
              Glad you enjoyed it. I LOVE this place!

              1. re: liv2eat2008

                rent 3 x more in summerlin ...i'm surprised to hear that... i doubt it - they are in a nice area of green valley guess the rent is $3/ is it $9 in summerlin....don't think so....i wish they were on the westside, then again, i am running out of new places to try in green valley / henderson when i visit my sis in green valley - i need to re-visit Settebello's ....especially to compare it to my new fav in so cal

                1. re: kjs

                  I can believe the rent is 3x more. They told me they were looking at a spot in Boca Park (Rampart blvd bet Charleston & Alta). That's where the Cheesecake Factory (always packed) and Kona Grill is located. Along w/ some fancy little boutiques. Boca Park is also more than triple the size of the strip mall they're currently located in. There's also a lot of restaurants surrounding that area too; Roy's, Fleming's, PF Chang's. That area is always congested w/ shoppers and diners.

                  They also mentioned Green Valley Ranch as another area for expansion.

                  Where ever they decide to expand, I'm there!

                  1. re: liv2eat2008

                    I've lived in Vegas four years and my hunt for NY pizza is over. Check out JR's


                    Wonderful full Italian menu besides pizza. The chef/owner Susan greats the patrons, and is a Long Islander. Absolutely the best I've found in Vegas.

            2. I grew up in brooklyn and lived there for over 30 years so in my opinion this place isnt all its talked up to be..the pizza for some reason usually comes out cold and i just dont get it when i am sitting 30 feet away lol...Also why do these places hire snotty people with the worst attitude. Some will say they want you to feel like your in NY. Well wake up folks you go to a NY pizza place and you get great service not these momo's out here...

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              1. re: vegaztrader8

                We ate here in April and found the pizza very hot, enough to have to let it cool before eating. We ordered 3 small pizza's. One cheese, one pepperoni and one white with garlic and sun dried tomatoes. The best out of the 3 was the white pizza, fantastic flavor. Our server was very fun and found out we were from the Phoenix area so he played on that all night. Good time.

                1. re: Kari

                  We have been to Grimaldi's twice, most recently last week. The tomato, cheese and extra basil toppings were excellent, but the crust was like cardboard - not chewy. I am hoping this was an aberration because on our first visit in December the crust was perfect.