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Nov 24, 2007 11:27 AM

Italian craving - Western NC/Upstate SC

I have a serious craving for GOOD Italian food. Seems like there really isn't anything great in Asheville so how about the new Italian place in Hendersonville, Brevard? Hickory? Greenville?
Not Italian-American but good quality real Italian.

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  1. West First in Hendersonville has great pastas.

    1. Leah, I went to Potenza in H'ville for lunch Saturday. It's not very good. The "in-house made" mozzerella was bland and didn't have that special milky texture I expect from very fresh moz. The pastas were house made, I give them points for that, but the sauces were just fair. It's not a place to hate, but it's certainly not worth the drive.

      Now West First is not what I think of when I think authentic Italian ...BUT, it's a great American brick oven pizza with really good pasta choices. It might be my favorite restaurant now after Salsa. (you know that's saying a lot)

      Trust me , there is nothing in Greenville. Have you ever been to Paoletti's in Highlands? It's not world-beating, but it's pretty good, and more what I think of when I think Italian. Otherwise, it's only 4 hours to Al Di La in Charleston. Let us know what you find!

      1. If you are willing to make the drive, my husband and I found the best Italian food in Western NC to be in Blowing Rock <> Last March we were in Blowing Rock on a week night and the only restaurant open was Pssghettis. We were turned off by the name, but pleasantly surprised by the food. Also, they seem to be the only Italian restaurant in the area that serves carpaccio, which is one of my favorite appetizers.

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          LOVE carpaccio.....Blowing Rock is a bit of a drive though...maybe it's time for a getaway weekend.