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Nov 24, 2007 10:53 AM

DeCicco for cheese

I was informed that the Marshall's cheese store in Dobbs Ferry is closing. I only work there so I never got to go. (And this is partially due to the fact that to go there on my way home I have to fish out quarters for the darn meters and I usually don't have them....same reason I do not shop in Bronxville). However, I have been told that DeCicco's in Ardsley is good.

Why is it so hard to find really high end cheeses in Westchester? Jeez, all these Rockefeller types living here, you would think there would be an outpost of a Murray's Cheese here. I mean, after all that is what my cheese stores in Philly basically were.

Where is the good cheese? Specifically I am looking for Cabrales or Valdeon that is truly from Spain but I am open to anything that is not one step above Kraft.

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  1. jcmods, most better supermarkets these days have a decent cheese section...if you want to take it to the next level there is Balducci's, Scarsdale; Whole Foods, White Plains or Greenwich; independents: little Auray Cheese Shop, run by a husband and wife, on Pondfield Road, Larchmont. By the way, except for Whole Foods in White Plains, neither of these locations will cost you for parking...

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      I would second Auray for unique cheese. Since I don't know my cheeses that well, I stick to places like Morton Williams in Hartsdale, which in my opinion seems to have a nice enough variety. And, as GR noted on the others, the parking is free.