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Mail Order Rugalach?

Who does great old fashioned rugalach? I'd like to send some to my father in law. Thank you!

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  1. Don't know about mail order, but I will say they are just about the easiest cookies to bake homemade.

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      Agreed! I just found a tasty looking rugelach in Martha Stewart Everyday Food that I plan to make this weekend.

    2. Try Zingermans out of Ann Arbor, MI. They have a great mail order website (www.zingermans.com).

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        Katzingers in Columbus Ohio also does a great rugelach but I think they are better when they are homemade, as you can use personalized fillings.

        http://www.katzingers.com/ I also have a great recipe.

      2. Zabars! If you're not from NYC, they are an institution there! Fabulous lox and bagels too, and it's all available through their mail order catalog and online. And their rugalach is fresh baked and terrific. You can't go wrong.


          1. Marian Burros recommends a place in this new NY Times article:


            1. I second Zabars of NYC . Fast shipping, too. Plus, there are other fun things to send as well!

              1. William Greenberg, NYC - http://wmgreenbergdesserts.com

                Expensive, but really good!

                1. I have yet to have a really decent tasting mail order rugelach and I've had many.
                  You are better off buying them locally, 'zip-locking' them for freshness and either freezing them and shipping, or just overnighting them..

                  1. Russ & Daughter has the best! Great fruit/nut ratio, pastry with a bite but not dry & just sweet enough!