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Nov 24, 2007 09:11 AM

Anyone tried the private dining room at Le Bernardin?

I hear a lot about the Skybox and the private dining room (the one for up to 10 people) at Per Se. What about the one at Le Bernardin? I heard that they can be configured to accommodate different party sizes, what about for 4-6 people?

If they can accommodate 4-6 people, what would the price be?


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  1. I have planned several private dinners at Le Bernardin as well as holding one for 62 people at per se. Both were handled perfectly. At Le Bernardin, they do indeed have space that can be configured for different sized groups -although I think that with only 6 people the cost might be prohibitive - also, why do a private space with such a small group? There is a separate entrance for the private dining room, and it is very plain, so you would want to supplement the space with florals and possibly specialty linens as well. I don't know the smaller private space at per se, the larger room is very neutral and has no windows and definitely needed linens and florals to make it special. The food was great - 4 or 5 course set menu. Would recommend both.

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      62 people @ Per Se? You must be the single most resoursceful human being on earth. Please, do tell how you did this.

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        There is a private room that holds 62 comfortably, 70 a little less comfortably. It is located behind the main entrance. Has no windows, so you don't get the lovely view, but it is available.

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          Ok, that makes much more sense to me. Thanks for the info.