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Nov 24, 2007 07:59 AM

Lunch in Hartford on Sunday??

We will be in Hartford for the day this Sunday (Nov 25) and need a lunch recommendation. Italian, French, American, Thai.


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  1. Vito's By the Park (Italian) is really excellent. They have a wonderful lobster ravioli. I'm pretty sure they're open on Sundays. Here's the link. ---> Also, although I've never been, my aunt said that Tapas is a really interesting Mediterranean place. Link:

    1. Good luck. Hartford is a ghost town on Sunday.
      If you want a fancy lunch, the restaurant at the Wadsworth Atheneum is good. You must make a reservation.
      If you can get out of Hartford, there's a Thai place in West Hartford center called Lemon Grass that's really good.

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      1. re: shoes

        Lemon Grass is not authentic Thai!

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          It is a ghost town. But for something more casual, Vaughn's on Pratt St. is pretty good for Sunday lunch. It's an Irish style pub. I hit there before the Hartford Stage matinee.

        2. For good inexpensive Polish try the Polish National Home at 60 Charter Oak Ave. You can park there and its 2 min. from downtown.

          1. Thanks to all for the tips. Tapas was closed. Their web site said open daily for lunch and dinner. (Not a very good website, by the way.) We ended up back at the Wadsworth cafe, which was not crowded. The food was good with substantial servings. The tomato based vegetarian chile was very good. The Guinness stew was not as good as the Inn at the Long Trail in Vermont, but not bad. We'll try Tapas another time.

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              Maybe the website has been changed since you posted, but it says under the Hartford location "The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday"

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                JudgeMaven, you are correct. We tried going to Tapas on Ann Street last Sunday and were very disappointed to see that they were closed. Try going on another day, it's worth it!

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                  I love the Tapas chain and would usually go to the one in West Hartford (never really ended up downtown so much). Now I am across the ocean so I won't be eating there in the near future.