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Nov 24, 2007 07:50 AM

6-Packs in Doylestown/New Hope Area?

I'm trying to add some variety to my beer fridge, and it takes me awhile to drink a whole case now. Where can I get a decent variety of craft beer 6 packs?

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  1. I live in Yardley and refuse to purchase beer in Pa.. Price is waaaaayyy too high. I just take the little 20 minute jump to Joe Canals on Rt. 1 in Lawrenceville for all of my liquor needs.

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      While I agree that beer in six-packs or individually is way too high in Pa., if you don't want to go to Jersey or buy a whole case I would recommend the Candlewyck Deli in Buckingham. Very unusual and great beers, from domestic to foreign, that you can buy by the bottle. Just be warned that you'll walk out with a $20 six-pack! I also go to Valdalia in Lansdale and grit my teeth when I buy a $12-15 six-pack.

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        The other place to get a good beer selection that is as good as the Candlewyck in Buckingham is Isaac Newton's in Newtown.

      2. Stop at some bars. There has to be quite a few between Doylestown and New Hope. They sell six-packs in bars.

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          That reminds me, Mosquito Grille in Doylestown has an excellent selection of craft beers that you can buy by the bottle. For example, I really like Franskaner (sp?) and they sell it by the bottle there.

        2. I can buy craft beers and fine imported beers in the supermarket for $1/ beer or less. Of course, I had to move out of Pennsylvania to experience this pleasure. Write your State legislator.

          1. I know this is a bit far for you, but if you are ever in the area, you might want to take a trip to the Total Wine store in Cherry Hill. Last year we threw a corporate party for some clients who were mainly beer drinkers. Many of them are into micro-brews and other exotic imports. You can buy single beers of well over I would think 100 different varieties at this store. In addition, there are 6 packs of many different micro beers you can purchase. I bought tons of different beers and it was a HUGE hit at the party (which was in PA, by the way!). Everyone there were PA residents, and were bowled over by the variety of beer we served them; very little of which would be available in PA.
            Canals has a store right on Route 1 in Princeton; I don't think they have the variety that Total Wine has, but it is certainly closer to where you live than Cherry Hill.
            But, if you do get bored and want to take a ride, the store is also open on Sunday. Huge wine selection as well.

            1. realizing this is an old post, in case anyone else finds it, Beer Geeks in Doylestown has a great selection of craft beers. put together a sixpack and i think you get a 10% discount or something like that. they are helpful and have awesome beers. i live in yardley and that is where i go for small-quantity purchases.

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                Well, now that you've pulled this post up from the grave, there's also Wegman's in Warrington. Not a huge selection, but a decent one!

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                  Is that the name of the take out store that is connected to Stephanie's? Or what I still call Kelly's ....

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                    Ah Kelly's. Right next to Rudolph's. And a wee bit down from Woolworth's. Sigh. I remember Kelly's cwdonald.