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Nov 24, 2007 07:43 AM

Mole in Houston

Wondering what your thoughts are on mole in the Houston area. I'm on a quest to find the best in town. My favorite, so far, is Irma's. I've also heard that some of the taco trucks serve excellent mole.

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  1. Way out here on the southwestern prairie (Sugar Land), Pico de Gallo and Bravo's both have good mole.

    1. I have always enjoyed the mole and other "Mex-Mex" dishes (like the pollo or cochinita pibil and the chiles en nogada) at Pico's Mex-Mex on Bellaire Blvd. The atmosphere is great too (no doubt aided by the birdbath size margaritas).


      1. If you're willing to spend some money, Hugo's on Westheimer makes really good mole. They have a quail mole taco appetizer that is awesome. And you can get a flight of tequila.

        1. The Houston restaurants will use a prepared mole. With the exception of Hugo's and I believe the following two places:

          If you go to Felix on Westheimer, they used to have a cook from Puebla who would make a mole Poblano from scratch. If he is still there, you can check.

          Also, I believe that the Panaderia Guadalupana on Dunvale also makes a mole Poblano from scratch.

          If you are interested in one of the Oaxacan moles, you are probably out of luck.

          I brought back negro, coloradito and rojo from our recent trip (Etla style moles) and I also brought back the three ingredients that one cannot find here in Houston to make a mole negro: chiles chilhuacles, chiles jalapenos mecos, and Oaxacan oregano. If you or any others reading this posting would be interested in sitting in while I make the mole negro (sometime soon, before Christmas) you are welcome to email me and come hang out when I make it. However, I am going to deconstruct it as I go, as I am theorizing that the chilhuacles and mecos have little effect on the end product except for color.

          Here is a link to my weblog on all things Oaxacan: