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Nov 24, 2007 05:35 AM

"I can't believe I haven't been to..." (SoBe/Miami)

mikek's recent Post about the current Zagat ratings
got me thinking about this.

So Hounds, what's the one place you can't believe you haven't been to?

12+ years on the Beach and I can't believe I haven't been to..
Osteria Del Teatro

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  1. 22 + years and I can't beleive I have not been to Escopazzo...and now that they've gone organic, I suppose I should! There are too few organic dining options and when you throw that into the equation at what has been heralded a top notch Italian eatery...I suppose it's time to give it a whirl.

    Bond St is the other one I need to try...

    Table 8 is also on my radar.

    Looks like I may have lost my opportunity to do Evolution...anything new out of David Bouley's camp?

    Grazie...???...should I even bother ???

    crossing the causeway...Micheal's is at the top of my list.

    Las Culebrinas; Pascals; Two Chefs

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    1. re: netmover

      if bond st. is related to the one in nyc, don't bother. it's highly overrated & underwhelming.

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        But it is the best sushi in Miami Beach, unfortunately.

        Edit - South Beach unfortunately.

        1. re: tpigeon

          I was favorably impressed by Bond Street on a recent visit. Not cheap but certainly the best sushi I've had on South Beach since the unfortunate decline of Shoji.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              I dont think its at all related to the one in NYC. I do agree that the sushi is killer though and the costs are a tad high. Then again, its SoBe...

              1. re: Blind Mind

                Bond Street Miami is indeed related to Bond Street NY - the website describes it as the "South Beach outpost of the famed Manhattan sushi restaurant."


        2. re: netmover

          Grazie was great when it was down in Pinecrest, but I haven't been to the MB location.

          Prime 112

          1. re: moonsea

            Don't bother with Devito's. I just saved you several hundred dollars btw.

          2. re: netmover

            Please don't waste your time and most especially your money on Escopazzo. We went there recently with two vegan friends who were over from the UK. We chose Escopazzo based specifically upon it's claim to have mulitple vegan choices. When we arrived they had virtually nothing on the regular menu, the vegan choices were from the raw menu. The waiter offered to go and see what the chef would make and came back to offer us pesto and a mushroom risotto. Both were ok, only ok and in miniscule portions. The risotto had no arborio, instead was a small portion of something resembling mushroom duxelle. My husband had pasta bolognese. I had the only high end item, an ostrich special, which was inconsistenly cooked. Beautiful rare peices shared the plate with overcooked grey slices. With three glasses of wine, only one appetizer and no desserts, dinner for four was $280! That includes the service charge they hit us with (without mentioning it) for a 4 top. I cannot imagine what they're thinking.

          3. Romeo's Cafe and Michy's would have to be my two. My girlfriend and I always look and choose between Michy's and Michael's, but we have always had such great experiences at Michaels and the menu has always appealed to us more, so we just go right back. Perhaps it is a time to head a bit north. Chef Allen is the third I have not made it to.

            1. - Osteria del Teatro
              - Prime 112
              - Palme d'Or ? (am I really missing anything?)

              1. Revisited Michaels Genuine :).

                  1. re: miachef

                    talula is amazing. well worth the trouble of braving beach parking.
                    as far as my never been to, would love to go...
                    prime 112, Sardinia Ristorante