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Nov 24, 2007 04:55 AM

Holiday Baskets (KC)

I have some friends that formerly lived in KC that I would like to send a basket of items native to our area. Of course I will include several bottles of various BBQ sauces (which I've already picked out). What are some other KC items (or possibly even MO or KS) that you would suggest including. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Chocolates from Andres, Annedore's and Christopher Elbow or Russell Stover
    Popcorn from Topsys or Velvet Cream.
    Coffee from the Roasterie.
    Pale Ale Mustard or one of the many fine brews from Boulevard Brewery.
    English muffins from Wolferman's
    CD's from local singers, Angela Hagenbach, Connie Dover, David Basse, Heartland Men's Chorus, Rain Dogs, Kenny Ray, ect....
    Bogdon's Reception sticks
    Throw in a Hallmark ornament.
    If they have a dog, treats from Three Dog Bakery.
    Laura Little Fudge.
    Lost Trail rootbear.
    Louisburg Cider
    Stephenson Apple Butter
    Hereford House steak marinade.
    Strawberry Hill Provitica Bread
    A Taste of Kansas City cookbook

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      1. re: Irishbeer4me

        Sadly, Annadore's has been out of business for months. Christopher Elbow Chocolate Bars would be my first choice. The one with pop rocks in it.

      2. Also Valomilk chocolate candies and any Zum products

        You might check out the Original Juan outlet store on Southwest Blvd. I love all their hot sauces and rubs.

        1. Amy... here's a bunch of ideas when I was looking for gifts to bring someone in British Columbia:

          1. Tall Grass Toffee.
            its the best I've ever had. Ever.
            And the Chris Elbow chocolates are delightful

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            1. re: goroe

              That's good to know - I've wondered if it was good. Have you had the one with cherries, white chocolate, etc? Looks divine.

              1. re: jdl98

                Yes i have and IT IS GOOD. the ancho chile flavor is fantastic- just a hint of heat and the end of a bite. They have a walk-in store front now too.

                1. re: goroe

                  Really? From their website it sounds as if you have to make an appt to go in.

                  1. re: jdl98

                    really you might call ahead for hours but its open 6 days a week thru the holiday

              2. re: goroe

                You know, one thing that would be really great from C. Elbow, especially for a holiday basket, would be the hot chocolate mixes. I've got that on my Christmas list with 5 stars next to it! (Take the hint, people!!)

                1. re: Katie Nell

                  the hot chocolate is like nothing we've ever had! we picked up some to write about and taste. my kids thought it was TOO RICH- is there such a thing?!