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Nov 23, 2007 10:34 PM

Pei Wei Santa Clarita, yum!

Just went to Pei Wei on Valencia blvd. I think they're related to pf changs. I had the lettuce wraps (really good) and kung pow chicken (pretty good too) Anyone else gone? Any suggestions of other dishes? I know theres a few locations

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  1. Pei Wei will probably get blasted here, but I think its a really good chain. I wouldn't pretend to call it authentic, but its far and above panda. Probably a better offering in santa clarita.

    1. You might say there are a few locations:

      1. There is one near me in Orlando - it's okay; greasy and sugary IMO. I'd rather eat at PF Chang's.

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          I was meaning to try it out for a while (the one on Colonial and Maguire). Would you describe it as PF Chang's "Lite"? A similar-but-smaller menu? Smaller portions? Cheaper? Or is it entirely different?