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Nov 23, 2007 09:43 PM


As if we haven't eaten enough this weekend, we are in search of bbq. It is my husbands bday, and he love ribs. Looking for somewhere festive that will be OK with kids. Thinking about the frontier room, if we go early. Also thought about the new Austin Cantina - has anyone tried it?

Thanks, and I hope you all ate well yesterday!

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  1. beginning as we must with the unfortunate news that there are no ribs (nor any other 'que standard) worthy of a stop by anyone who has ever eaten such wonders anywhere in the south, i can report that there are marginally acceptable ribs at lone star (1st/yesler)

    1. the one time i tried the ribs at the Frontier room i was not impressed (even CHeesecake factory serves better ribs imo)

      1. Can't say enough good things about the Austin Cantina, have had dinner there twice now, amazing both times. Laid back, awesome owner/chef who always talks to the people waiting, and amazing food!
        The queso fundido app, and the slow roasted pork enchiladas has come out as my fave (oh, and the carne asada, not traditional, but so good)

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          I found the food at Austin Cantina pretty hohum.

        2. There's nowhere in Seattle I'd send a Southerner to, but I've had OK ribs from Jones BBQ, of all places; good enough for lunch, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way for them.

          I also had OK 'cue from Pig Iron.

          1. Why not mail order BBQ? The best BBQ restaurants around the country pretty much all ship their ribs these days.

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              Thanks for the tips. We ended up going to Frontier Room. I can see how the dry rub might not appeal to anyone accustomed to a specific style of bbq, but the starting quality of meat was good, and they were very tender. Not quite fall off the bone but good. the side sauce is key - good flavor, with a vinegary kick. I am from nyc area, so my opinion is not as valuable as a southerner, but i eat out enough to say that the ingredients were quality.

              the cole slaw was not good.