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Nov 23, 2007 09:21 PM

Best Authentic Greek, Anyone?

My wife and I coming across chain Greek places that basically serve fast food. Does anyone have opinions on what is the best authentic Greek Restaurant in the Toronto area? What should we order?

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  1. Same question here -- but I want to know about the Mississauga area..

    I am tired of Mr. Greek, Colossus, and Astoria


    1. I haven't been in about a year, but we always liked the food at Avli. They offer many more traditional type dishes than the usual Danforth places and have a wider selection of possibilities for vegetarians. Lots of casserole-type things and long-cooked lamby stuff.

      1. I like Mezes the best right now. I like their dips, gigantes, fasolakia, dolmades,etc.

        Avli used to be my favourite but my last 2 visits have been disappointing. If you decide to go to Avli, their rabbit pie is quite authentic, and their spanakopita used to be a nice version. They also serve youvetsi, a traditional orzo and meat casserole.

        If you want fish or shellfish, I'd go to Pantheon. In addition to the common fish choices, they often have tsipoura and a couple other Greek fishes (flown in from Europe) on the menu.

        Zorba's serves authentic food, including patsa (egg and tripe soup) and kokkoretsi (grilled innards on a stick), but their food can be hit or miss, and the service can be slow. Their souvlaki and pastitso are quite good. Their avgolemono soup (egg and lemon chicken soup) is usually pretty good.

        Megas serves a very authentic halvah at the end of each meal.

        Here's are 2 recent threads that might help you: and

        One place I haven't tried yet is Lambros, next to Avli. I think I read something about them serving small plates (aka mezes)- not sure if it involves the same kitchen as Avli. It is named after the chef/owner Lambros from Avli...has anyone tried it out?

        Ikaros ( is an option off the Danforth, on Yonge north of Davisville. The menu looks authentic, but I haven't eaten there yet. Here is a link to an earlier discussion: