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Nov 23, 2007 08:50 PM

dutch oven

dose anyone know where i can get a good quality dutch oven here in montreal? should i go for a Le Creuset? How much do they cost anyway?
much appreciated

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  1. I bought mine at winners for 149$ It is fabulous and a must have. They don't always carry them but try and snap one up when available. They are the best

    1. i own a non-creuset dutch oven from stokes. a lot more affordable, and still fantastic quality. plus it's bright red :)

      1. I was at The Bay this weekend and they had a 20% sale on them. You could also check the cookware store at Jean-Talon market. In that area, there's also Quincaillerie Dante that carries similar products. I don't know whether Ares sell them or not.

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          I know that Dante sells the cast iron Lodge Dutch ovens, about $70. I keep meaning to pick one up.
          I was at a Metro grocery store the other day and saw that they had 4.5 quart Starfrit dutch ovens on sale for about $40. Almost picked one up, for the times that I would use 'em, but then looked to see where it was made. In this case, China. Yeaaaah, I'm not gonna chance getting an extra serving of lead in my food.

          1. re: rillettes

            Much as I love my (antique) cast-iron skillets, I don't think I'd want a dutch oven in untreated cast iron, as any acid (tomato, wine, lemon juice) can ruin the finish, so that would be too restrictive in terms of what I might want to be simmering on the stove.

        2. I own both Le Creuset ovens/pans and similar but less famous (and cheaper) ones. At this point the cheaper ones are performing as well as the famous brand; but time will tell if the enamel will wear similarly.

          Winners will sell factory seconds and defectives of Le Creuset for a discount; and sometimes the defects are just on the outside of the pot. Which means it is a cosmetic issue that doesn't affect performance. I am also very happy with a enameled knockoff that I bought from Winners, I think the brand is Outset or Outlet (something like that) and it was a fraction of the price of LC.

          Unless there is a big sale at Bay or some other store, Caplan Duval in Cavendish usually has the best prices in North America for Le Creuset stuff. I've never been there, but it was legendary in the North American cookware geekdom for a while. I know a lot of people in the US order from there (despite the customs hassle), because no other US store was able to beat their prices.

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          1. re: garmonbozia

            Not sure how Caplan Duval's prices compare, but Le Creuset has factory outlet stores in some of the US outlet malls - they have almost the entire stock of items, sometimes not all colours, and many items are really good deals. I'm not sure where the one they have closest to Montreal is, but I have gotten some great deals at their outlets in Florida and NY.