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Nov 23, 2007 08:18 PM

ISO recipe for Chinese Five Spice Boiled Peanuts

I'm looking for a recipe for Chinese Boiled Peanuts- these are available pre-made in some Chinese supermarkets like 99 Ranch or are served in Northern-style Chinese restaurants as a snack or appetizer. I used to make this all the time but lost the recipe- I know it had Chinese five-spice powder, sugar, salt, and raw peanuts but can't remember if that was everything and in what quantities.

Any help greatly appreciated!


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  1. Here's a recipe for one lb of raw shelled peanuts:
    Boil 2 mins:
    2 c water
    6 Tb sugar
    5 tsp salt
    1 star anise
    Cool, then pour over peanuts. Soak overnight, drain in colander 6-8 hrs. Bake at 250 on cookie sheet 60 mins, and then at 200 for 2-4 hrs. After 2-1/2 hrs of baking, test a few peanuts after letting them cool for 5-10 mins. If crisp, they're ready to be taken out
    of oven to cool.