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Nov 23, 2007 06:39 PM

Dinner in Yorkville

Hi! I'm supposed to have dinner with an acquaintance who I don't know very well on Monday night in the Yorkville area. I'm to pick the place. We are two women in their late twenties/early thirties. I'm not sure what is the appropriate budget but we are both lawyers. I don't want to pick a place too pricey or too cheap nor do I know her food preference.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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    1. I'm a lawyer and work in Yorkville, so let me suggest a few places:

      1. Asuka on Yorkville for my favorite sushi. Must try spicy tuna rolls!!! Best place in my opinion.

      2. Toni Bulloni's on Cumberland, despite the name, very good, hearty, flavourful, Italian style food. Try the Rapini and Mushrooms as an appetizer or side dish. Nice pastas and fish etc as well. Pizza is good too as is the pizza. Casual but pleasant place.

      3. Mortons is good too but more expensive.

      1. Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons - pretty enough to impress, good service but not over the top expensive.

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          You need to go to Jacques Bistro du Parc.....fantastic. Very french, very reasonably priced and very nice. It's the perfect spot for 2 woman. But make reservations, it's very small. If you go, must try the house made lemon tart. The husband and wife owners are wonderful.

        2. Try Cafe Nervosa. I'm actually not sure how late it's open but it's not overly pricey and the food is good. It has a nice variety so if she's a picky eater I'm sure she'll find something.
          FLOW has a really nice atmosphere... very comfortable.

          1. If you like Italian, try Imperia on Yorkville. It's almost opposite the firehall. Excellent wines - all Italian, I think.