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Nov 23, 2007 06:37 PM

Wedding/Rehearsal dinner recommendations in Queens?

So any suggestions for a nice and reasonable restaurant for about 80 people? yes it is huge family reunion....

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  1. Parkside in Corona is good. So is Water's Edge but it is a bit pricy. Then there are a couple of nice Asain places in Flushing, But what are you into?

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    1. re: pancun187

      I was thinking maybe Italian since it is such a big party. I love Asian/sushi/Chinese but the bridal party is so racially diverse that it might be better to go simpler, if that makes sense. Also any place that has good drink/wine/beer selection would be the best.

      Parkside seems like a possibility but parking in Corona is always a problem.

      Oh and maybe Long Island is an option too since half the bridal party is staying in hotels out there too.

      Thanks for the help!

      1. re: damselmd

        I like Parkside, but I am not sure what the story is if they have a big room. They have valet parking, but the lot's not that big.

        Where on Long Island are your guests staying?--that information would give a better idea for location suggestions. You might also want to post on the Tri-state board for Long Island suggestions.

        Keep in mind that although your list is 80 people, it's more than likely they won't all come. Unfortunately, it's impossible to gauge responses. It's a huge subject of debate on various party boards. An illustration--two sisters of mine had guest lists of about 250 each for Saturday night parties (one a wedding and the other a bar mitzvah) at the exact same location, 3 months apart. The wedding ended up with about 160 attending and there were closer to 200 at the bar mitzvah.

    2. maybe ponticello in astoria? i don't know how many their private room can hold -

      1. Cavalier Restaurant (85-19 37th Ave, JH's) has a private room that will accomodate 80. Prices are reasonable. They have a dinner special which I believe is $21.95. Drinks are reasonable. Continental/American. Extensive Menu - Full Bar. I've had many meals favorites being shell steak, fillet of sole francaise, chicken francaise and chicken marsala. All served with fresh out of the oven baked potato and sauted vegetables.

        1. how about caffe on the green in douglaston, I believe

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            I've hosted quite a few parties at Parkside and can tell you that they will not be able to accomodate you in their private upstairs party room if you have more than 55 people in your party. And that's actually pushing it. Cafe on the Green in Bayside would definiltey be able to accomodate you as would Verdi's just off the Cross Island in Whitestone. The private room at Trattoria L' Incontro could possibly hold 80 people as could Sapori D'Ischia ( you'd rent the whole place but the layout and single bathroom make it a bit tough, as nice as it is)

            Good Luck,

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