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Nov 23, 2007 06:09 PM

Best storebought gingersnap cookie? (moved from Home Cooking board)

For coffee?

For baking (e.g., piecrusts)?

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  1. I love the one's IKEA imports from Sweden. They are called Anna's and come in about 4 different flavours, including the best gingersnaps I have ever tasted. They made a terrific crust for an apple-cream pie.

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    1. re: LJS

      I was just going to mention these! Incidentally, how do you make the apple-cream pie?

      1. re: LJS

        Our A&P has what they call Spiced Wafers (taste like G'Snaps to me) by a company called Sweetzels. We've bought about 6 boxes they are that good.

        1. re: Eric in NJ

          Yeah Sweetzels Spiced wafers are really good. We always had a box of them in the house when we were kids.

          I was thinking of using them to make a pie crust. It would be so good with a chocolate torte or pumpkin pie.

        2. re: LJS

          I second Anna's -they are superb for eating and piecrusts.

          My supermarket backup brand is Stauffer's, which I find much more spicy and crisp than other brands.

          1. re: btnfood

            Annas can sometimes be found at Costco I believe. I think I've seen them in our Seattle store.

            1. re: roma_girl

              they ought to have Anna's at Ikea if you have one near you.

              1. re: smartie

                Some Shaw's supermarkets sell them here in Boston.

          2. re: LJS

            Oddly enough I saw Anna's at Big Lots/Pic N' Save.

            1. re: LJS

              I looove Annas. I found them at Big Lots for $1 a box.

            2. Trader Joe's makes a great mini gingersnap that almost burns the tongue, it's so gingery.

              1. If that's Trader Joe's triple gingersnap - dried ginger, grated ginger AND crystallized ginger - I'll agree. It's fabulous!

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                1. re: KingsKetz

                  Agreed - hands down, the Triple Gingersnap from TJs are the best I've tasted. I've gotten many people addicted to them. While I haven't done it, these cookies would be fabulous ground up and used for a gingersnap crust.

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    Hear hear! I love TJs Triple Gingersnaps too and yes, have gotten family addicted to them.

                    1. re: sweetTooth

                      This is my vote.

                      I've sampled widely, baked Triple-Ginger Cookies, and when I first had a few of these TJ Triple-Ginger Cookies (each one is about the size of a quarter), it was like falling in love. I ate far too many over the next few days.

                      Will admit I also love the very thin Moravian Ginger Cookies, from near Winston Salem, that come in a tube. But they are a bit pricey and precious. But very spicy -- a good thing.

                      1. re: sweetTooth

                        TJs also has a Gluten-Free Ginger Snap that's pretty good too.

                    2. re: KingsKetz

                      Because of this thread alone: I went out to the TJ's in NYC's Union Square, waited in the crazy holiday lines for half and hour just to get a box of these gingersnaps...and omg, they're soooo worth it! hehe. Bite-size (a real danger in my opinion, cause you end up eating more!), and crunchy all the way though, the ginger flavour is predominate front and center, I loved biting into the crystallized pieces!

                      I wiped out the whole container over the course of three hours...
             I'll have to go wait in line again tomorrow ;)

                      1. re: kathyyl

                        I hope you're not going to waste a rare and painful trip to TJs just for a box of (amazing as they are) triple ginger cookies. May I recommend that you also grab these while you're at it:

                        Scan their delectable range of boxed chocolates, truffles. Ask about those that are only available around the holidays. TJs boxed chocolates are much cheaper than say Godiva or Leonidas and just as satisfying.
                        Fruit and Nut Loaf - this is delicious spread liberally with some Mascarpone
                        Orange Dundee Marmalade
                        Various candied or spiced nuts
                        Ok, I'll stop.. I might be going off-topic. But please... ..don't get just a box of cookies at TJs! :)

                    3. My favorite gingersnap is made by McVitties. I think it's called a "ginger biscuit". It's made in Europe, I think, and comes ina blue and orange-wrapped tube-shaped package. I have seen it at both a sort of snooty local grocery that has an "English Food" section (mostly awful stuff) and at a local Indian market. I think they're popular in India since being introduced by the Brits.

                      The wafers are verrrry crispy and quite hot and spicy. I love them. I think they're popular because they can stand up to being dipped into tea.

                      They also make great pie crust. I think I also have found them at Cost Plus.

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                      1. re: oakjoan

                        Thank you, everybody. I think I'm going to have a little gingersnap challenge, right here in my kitchen, when I sit down with my coffee, and test out your favorite brands. I love ginger any time, any form, with most every food I can think of. All of these you've mentioned sound delicious, and I don't think I've ever seen any of them. So I'd better check them out. ;-)

                        1. re: MaggieRSN

                          Sweetzels makes gingersnaps and spiced wafers, I think the spiced are better. If you can't find in your area here's their info :
                          Sweetzels Cookies
                          Skippack, PA 19474
                          For Mail Orders: 1-800-545-4891

                          PS - You said you really like ginger have you tried Ginger Altoids?? very intense!


                          1. re: twh1475

                            Thanks, Tim! You can bet I'll be checking that one out. They know how to do these things right in Pennsylvania. ;-)

                            No, I like peppermint Altoids, but I haven't seen the ginger yet! I'll be looking for those!

                            1. re: twh1475

                              I'll second the Ginger Altoids. Really really good, a little hard to find.

                              1. re: Anne H

                                Haven't seen them lately, hope they aren't discontinued!!!! Think I last bought at Target?


                                1. re: twh1475

                                  I keep seeing magazine ads for the Ginger Altoids but I've never been able to find them in any stores, anywhere. I’d love to give them a try....

                                  Uncle Ira

                                  1. re: Uncle Ira

                                    Hey Uncle Ira,
                                    I haven't seen the Ginger Altoids lately, but I did find Newman's Own Organic Ginger Mints and Cinnnamon Mints, both are really good, found in the Organic/Health Foods section of grocery store. Come in little metal tins just like Altoids.


                          2. re: oakjoan

                            ooh McVities Ginger Snaps. My Brit section doesn't sell them, only the milk chocolate and regular digestives and occasionally Rich Tea biccies which are great for dunking.
                            Those McVities Ginger Snaps make the best cheesecake base ever.

                            1. re: oakjoan

                              Those biscuits are by McVities and are called Ginger Nobs. I always bring a pack back with me whenever I go home to the UK. Along with Rich Tea and HobNobs our biscuits are the envy of the world:))

                            2. Do you have Cost Plus World Market where you live? They have a huge round tin (red) filled with gingersnaps like Anna's, but maybe even a little spicier. They are nice with coffee -very delicate. I haven't baked with them. It's quite a deal - about $9.99 but the tin is HUGE. Enjoy!

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                              1. re: ThisNThat

                                I really don't know whether we do, This... I'm a fairly recent transplant from another part of the state. But I'll check the yellow pages. Those sound good; I like delicate, thin, crispy ones the best. I do have a favorite. I can't remember the brand, though. Something either Canadian or French. I know the package when I see it, though! Only one of the supermarkets around here carries it, and I'm not there very much.

                                1. re: ThisNThat

                                  These Swedish Gingersnaps (Pepparkakor) you described are a favorite of mine to use in some of my Cheesecake Recipes. The crust pairs well with my Lemon-Marscarpone Cheesecake filling and Pumpkin-Walnut filling. At 30 calories for 6 cookies I also use them with my afternoon coffee-cookie break.