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Nov 23, 2007 05:30 PM

Asmara and Adulis for Eritrean in Brixton?

Has anyone eaten here? I noticed both places last week when I decided to criss cross Brixton. I would also be interested in other African suggestions and anyone's opinion on the small Ghanan place inside Brixton Village which offers soups and stews.



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  1. No but I can recommend an Eritrean/Sudanese restaurant up in Green Lanes Haringey called Munas.

    The charming owner (Muna) will guide you through the menu and then go on to explain the provenance of every artifact on the walls. It became, for me, more of an educational experience than a meal.

    Interesting food.

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      loobcom, thanks for the Muna's recommendation. Went there on Sunday evening and rather liked it. We chose the meze option (£18/head), which let us sample various dishes from the menu, served on injera. I took some photos of the food, the interior, and the ceremonial coffee we finished up with; they're on Flickr:

      (I added a longer writeup to our website; it's linked from the Flickr set.


      599 Green Lanes, Tottenham, Greater London N8 0, GB

    2. there's an ethiopian restaurant in rock street, which is just off blackstock road near finsbury park station (never tried it, though). around the corner on blackstock road is an ethiopian grocery/deli.

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        The Eritrean cleaning lady in my hall actually recced Muna's to me. I'll need to get up there. She also gave me a list of the stores she shops at. I'm going to try either Asmara or Adulis in the near future. I'm in Brixton every single Saturday so I might as well. I love Brixton so much. Why?

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          there's an afghan kitchen on essex rd, just opposite islington green. But have never tried it... (oops, of course it's not african, but sounds equally exotic)

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            I'm meaning to try an Afghan spot in Southall, but I'll check it out if I'm in Islington.

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            I think Brixton and its shops remind you of 'back there.' If you're homesick, go see 'American Gangster.' It's set years ago, and certainly took me back to how things used to be... even the restaurants in Harlem. I had to put something about food in this one.

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              Yeah it's fun, cheap and Bed Stuyish. Harlem's too yuppie now, but Brixton is way softer than Harlem still.

              Do you have any Brixton reccs?

        2. There is also an Ethiopian stall in the Sunday Upmarket in Brick Lane.

          I had a tasty snackette there on Sunday.

          1. Asmara is great - i love the food in there. I was in Baan Thai across the road last night- cheap and cheerful.

            Try these.

            Majestic - Ghanaian/Nigerian - 330 Coldharbour lane.
            Beylul - African - 62 Brixton road - this area is Camberwell however.

            1. I live in Brixton/Herne Hill but have never eated in Asmara (bad). Lots of my friends really rate it though. Bahn Thai (across the road) used to be alright, but the last meal I had there was terrible.

              There's a great new Portuguese place that opened recently near the park (on Tulse Hill). It's pretty cheap and cheerful. It's called Brazas, if you're interested.

              I also like Khan's (also near the park), but it's just a better-than-average curry house so I don't know whether it would impress you!

              The Phoenix, on Coldharbour Lane, does a mean fry-up, and the Prince Regent, on Dulwich Road, is a gastropub with decent food. It has a cheap deal on a Monday night.