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Anyone cooking (a non-leftover meal) tonight?

Brrrrrr. I'm roasting some asparagus and onions, and then baking those with rigatoni -and lots of black pepper, grated Parmesan, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This is one of my favorite easy-yet-yummy dinners for those evenings when I'm worn out but want something cozy and homemade.

I might make a cranberry upside-down cake for dessert. We didn't host, so we're not brimming with leftovers, but we sure are hungry :)

What are you guys making???

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  1. OH I'm forcing us to behave tonight...just finished egg white omelets with some poblanos and vermont cheddar I found lurking in the lunchmeat drawer. English muffins and grits for my husband and sliced tomatoes for me.

    Now- I do have this truffle just calling my name from the kitchen- chipotle ginger honey...I just can't imagine that combo so I know I'm gonna cave in a minute....

    1. No Brrrrrr here in Florida. you can have RI winters. I grilled a couple 2" ribeyes tonight from my hammock, barefoot in shorts and short sleeves, to break up the monotony of poultry leftovers with a little cattle until Sunday's turkey soup. Then I get back to my seasonal diet of stone crab. I know there's nothing like a Rhode Island Red, but I'll do the best I can with what I've got :)

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        I was on the road yesterday, so I didn't cook, but when I got home I pulled a big hunk of beef out of the freezer to defrost for today (while I was raiding the freezer in preparation for T-day I realized I had a lot of meat in there that really should be eaten). I also have a frozen turkey left behind when my old roommate moved out that I'm thinking of thawing and using in various ways. Oh, and I made mincemeat last weekend, so I'm thinking of making pie (no one in my family likes mincemeat except for me and my Dad, so we don't have it for T-Day).

      2. I sauteed up some grape tomatoes too, and spooned those on some toasty bread with ricotta. Purrrr-fect, and not at all light :) I would like to try grits (never made them) and we were just talking about trying our own version of a butternut-crab bisque we sampled on Try-Me-Tuesday at Whole Foods.

        1. Since we ate at my in-laws house on Thursday (i.e., no leftovers-no matter, she cooked turkey breasts instead) we made spaghetti carbonara with spinach salad. However, I have a 9lb heritage bird that we picked up yesterday that will be roasted today along with some, not all, of the traditional sides-cornbread, sausage and chestnut stuffing, cranberry relish, et al. I can't wait for the leftovers.

          1. We went out to eat lastnight, so today is all about leftovers. Currently my ham bone is boiling to make ham and bean soup. Lunch will be the soup and turkey sandwiches with sprouts, lettuce, and tomato

            1. I'm a little late, but a friend and I went all-out and made Scallops three ways last night. One was a soy and ginger scallop served over a bed of spring greens with some grape tomatoes (the "salad" course). The second was seared scallops and asparagus searved with a white wine sauce over a lemon risotto (the "main"). And the third was a seared scallop served with an orange-vanilla reduction with some pomegranate seeds.

              The meal came out great and the presentation was excellent (I just picked up these three-compartment dishes recently). Over a very fun way to spend a cold post-thanksgiving friday night!

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                I'd like to try the "triplicate" approach for dinner. Which did you like the most?

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                  They were all good in their own way, but the risotto and asparagus pushed the 2nd scallop dish over the top. All three dishes were very simple and they complimented each other well. The trick was searing all three at the same time, I wanted to make sure none of them were cold when served.

                  If I remember I'll post pictures.

                  edit: also, here's a link to the scallop with asparagus recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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                    Last night was leftovers. Tonight is sauteed fresh walleye and sauteed green beans with walnuts and carmelized shallots (ala Tyler Florence).

              2. for dinner tonight chile verde I cooked during my Sunday marathon for post-op dining.

                so far we've had turkey 3 ways as leftovers:
                1) straight-up leftovers--now, why didn't I make more stuffing?)
                2) turkey and provolone on WW English muffins for breakfast
                3) turkey salad sandwiches with cranberry ginger chutney on foccacia rolls

                tomorrow I want to try stuffing the last of the poblanos in the garden with....turkey! I was thinking cranberries, chopped turkey, cumino, tomatillos. Napped with a cream sauce. Any other suggestions?

                1. My DH announced that he is grilling today. Sort of burnt out on the turkey, so it will be packaged and either given or frozen away today. The carcass will get frozen, just cut up and wait a few weeks when we can get into it. I'm over the turkey now.

                  So we are having hot links and Italian sausages on the grill. A salad with breaded and fried mozzarella medallions, grape tomatoes, endive, and herbs. ( I have a few left that will go nicely in the salad dressed with pomegranate vinaigrette. ( should go well with the spicy sausages and mustard) And for dessert... I am seriously thinking of making ice cream or cannolli with capaccino cream or flavoring...Got all the ingredients. And someone posted a buttermilk pie that looked seriously good too... wheels are turning, its a cold day out the fire place is burning and I feel like baking!

                  1. I'm just putting some potatoes and butternut squash in the oven to roast for some fresh gnocchi with parm. Serving alongside goat cheese, beet, and kalamata olive salad.

                    We didn't have many leftovers to speak of (we didn't host), so we're not inundated with turkey.

                    1. I am making a pizza tonight. We will have a little of the left over apple&quince pie though.

                      1. I had T-day away, so only a plate of leftovers for me, and they're gone now. So, I'm having some kielbasa that I'll roast in the oven, homemade mac & cheese, and pan-roasted broccoli with garlic.

                        1. For those who may be stuck with a partial container of shucked oysters that you didn't use in the stuffing (I was accused of not including enough of them): I poached the remaining oysters in butter and all the oyster liquor, removed the oysters, reduced the liquid, diced them (not minced, not pureed) mixed them with the reduction and about 6 ounces of whipped cream cheese and a splash of Worcestershire, and chilled it for an hour before serving with Melba toasts. Killer dip. Bowled 'em over. I will never do the canned smoked oyster dip again. Nothin' like the real thing.

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                            You know, it's funny- a college friend's father used to make something like that with clams (he served it with Frito's scoops, which was oddly perfect for the dip) - and I was just telling my husband that I wish I could find a recipe that would match the old "clam dip with Fritos!"

                            I think I'm going to try that! Thanks!

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                              mmm, great idea with them oysters!

                            2. I'm sort of hoping I can sweet-talk Mike into taking me out tonight...we had turkey leftovers for supper last night (Mike also had reheated turkey and dressing for breakfast and a turkey sandwich for lunch), and I had a turkey sandwich for lunch today, so I'm about turkeyed out.

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                                I have a meat queso dip in the crock pot. Went to the store and felt like having apps for dinner tonight. Also have a fresh baquette and some leftover olive hummus dip to eat up. I am not the most inventive cook but I am learning from the best on these boards. We didn't host but I still went to the store and bought like I was. I'll cook the turkey breast next week along with the usual fixings.

                              2. We went on our annual XMAS tree hunt this afternoon, so before we left I made red sauce with meatballs and hot Italian sausage and we sat down to a nice spaghetti dinner when we got back with our trees. That dinner seems to really hit the spot when you have been walking around a XMAS tree farm for a couple hours in 30-40 degree weather.
                                Now all I have to do is have another glass of red and untangle lights.

                                HO HO HO

                                1. Our T-day was more than a month ago, so clearly not a leftovers dinner. I'm having salad and a grilled cheese (tricked out with arugula pesto).

                                  1. We have lots of leftovers and we have been mostly heating them up and eating them as is. But Saturday night is my pizza night. So I thought about making a pizza with the Thanksgiving leftovers. First I spread turkey gravy over the dough in place of the traditional tomato sauce. I sliced into strips about 4 0z. of Brie cheese we had on hand and topped the gravy. Next I chopped up left over turkey meat and liberally spread it around. Finally I found some cranberry salad and globbed it on liberally. I then baked it directly on a pizza stone for 10 minutes at 500 degrees. Everyone was skeptical of the combination but upon taste it proved to be a winner. Cosi Restaurants occasionally serve a turkey and brie sandwich with a cranberry sauce so I was fairly confident the trio would work together. Photo is attached.

                                    1. We did paninis and potato chips. I ate thinly-sliced granny smith apple/sharp cheddar/ham/stone ground mustard, and he had ham/swiss/jezebel sauce (a leftover from Thanksgiving) on smooshed french bread. Was delish!

                                      1. Leftovers for dinner last night. Making a beef stew now for book club tonight. (The mahogany beef stew from epicurious). Figured everyone would be ready for a change from turkey.