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Nov 23, 2007 05:16 PM

Tayyab's and the surroundings

I'll be in Whitechapel sooner or later. Please give any reccs or ideas which you have regarding the area. I'll go as far east as I can and I'm willing to go much further into East London if anyone has any reccs in that area.

Do tell,



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  1. Tayyabs is sadly over-rated nowadays. Try the Turkish place opposite called Maedah Grill. Excellent kebabs - they grill over charcoal. The pide are great too.

    A little further afield (the other end of Brick Lane) is the Indian eatery Mai'da in Bethnal Green Road. An interesting menu of both Indian classics and Indo-Chinese.

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      Interesting. I pass Mai'da (flower in Bangla?) every day that I go to the gym. I've been considering it each time.