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Nov 23, 2007 04:55 PM

Pubs near Yonge/Eg/Lawrence area?

There seems to be a bunch of little pub spots that I notice as I drive up Yonge from Bloor. Other then Rebel house and abbot on the hill which Ive been to recently, any other good recs for better-than-average pub food in this general area (or recomendations for anywhere downtown would be helpful too). Thanks!

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  1. I gotta say, not really. Bow and Arrow is probably the best of the bunch in the Davisville area- the firkins are all, well, firkins. Scallys is no great shakes.

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      yes i was afraid of that answer. I forgot to mention ive also been to bow and arrow a few times too. I guess ive tried the good ones. any suggestions other wise that are like those pubs Ive mentioned downtown (anyone)?

    2. The Rose and Crown, a couple of steps North of Eglinton on Yonge (2335 Yonge Street) Menu on their web site every day. Their fish and Chips is good, as well as their soups and salads. The real pub atmosphere, noisy after 5 pm!

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        thanks for the recomendation, i was wondering about that one

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          I got to say the bathrooms at the Rose and Crown make you want to throw up!!! Food is very average too.

        2. the main event, just N of Eg on the W side, is a big-time soccer bar - homebase for the Toronto Man United Fan Club in fact. strongbow on tap, so i can't complain, but never had food there, myself.

          1. I usedt to live just across the street from Scruffy Murphy's, just east of Yonge on Eg. I've never had a bad meal there - espeically the curry and the Braskfasts. I live in the beaches now and still try to make the drive out there.

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              this is one of the ones i was curious about, Ill check it out for sure

            2. The Rose and Crown (Daily menu, lunch and dinner on is friendly, lively, a bit noisy after 5 pm. Very good selection of brews; A1 fish and chips. Their fries are the best.