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Nov 23, 2007 04:09 PM

dinner near Fox theater

Will be going to Fox in Atlanta tomorrow night (Sat), and we'd like to go for early dinner before the 7PM show.Looking at the board i see Baraonda looks good,but we're not big pizza lovers--is there other food OK, their sister restaurant Enoteca didnt have any tables,even at 5PM.Any suggestions/comments are welcome

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  1. The pastas at Baraonda are great as are the fish specials.

    1. thanks--went there but it was mobbed--so went to Enoteca next door--man thats a really good restaurant,lots of Italian wines,had the veal chop parm,wife had scallops with ravioli.Arugula salads were excellent.Service was very good,wait staff knowledgable,and 100ft from the Fox.