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Nov 23, 2007 04:04 PM

Sweettooth Bakery on the Danforth

Curious....has anyone ever tried anything from this place? I've gone in a few times but nothing has appealed to me. Everything looks overly sweet and pretty much all the cakes look the same. I hate to think I'm missing out on something good???

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  1. When they first opened (a couple of years ago?) I got a couple of things to try with hubby. I remember a slice of chocolate cake that was good, not great, and I don't even remember what the other thing was. I've never been back, or even been tempted to go back.

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      I've been told that they are in the process of the changing the name over to Phipps on the Danforth.

    2. This is hearsay millygirl, but I mentioned this place in a posting of mine earlier this year with respect to Chocolate Heaven, comparing the more "homemade" quality of CH with the more "vogue" nature of sweettooth, basee simply on what i saw from the street...and boy people who replied were not impressed. I believe they complained that stabilizers were used, the cakes were not that moist. Pretty but vacuous, more or less sums it up!

      But as I said its heresay, and the place has survived in what can be a tough neighbourhood, so maybe there's somthing there to recommend? It would be interesting to see Dufflet open a Danforth outlet so they could go head to head!

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        The stuff is not good or even fresh. I bought cookies from there for a gathering and was surprised and embarassed that wow, you can ruin a peanut butter cookie!
        Possible exceptions: their muffins are okay, and fresh (at least on weekend mornings). Better than Europa's muffiins.
        On weekends they have croissants, not sure where they get them but they are fresh and reasonable quality.... let me be clear, nothing to go out of your way for, but there are basically NO decent croissants on the Danforth so they are an option if you are walking by!

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          Hey bluedog, not sure what you are referring to as being hearsay, but it's a fact that Sweet Tooth is connected to Phipps Bakery and one of their employees advised me they are in the midst of changing the name over.

          1. re: millygirl

            I just meant that I had no personal experience with them, and any opinions I was expressing I had heard from someone else. julesrules' review provides an excellent summary of everyone else who weighed in on this earlier in the year!

            1. re: bluedog

              One of the previous Sweet Tooth threads was actually a subthread from when we discussed Chocolate Heaven:


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                Gotcha! I should have added that I am not a fan of Sweet Tooth either. In fact, I've walked in a few times and left without buying anything. I wanted to like the place, it's very pretty inside but alas the offerings leave a lot to be desired. That is what prompted my post, I was surprised to learn that they are related to Phipps. Not that I've been to Phipps in many years, but they have a good reputation, don't they?? I will say when I recently went in the squares and mini tarts looked pretty good although tthe cakes still did not appeal AND I still left without purchasing anything. Julesrules you were bang on in your earlier review. Like your description of the iced cakes :)

                1. re: millygirl

                  That wasn't me :) I do think their cake display looks fun (totally unsophisticated, but fun for kids maybe), actually, and I wanted to like their stuff... but I don't.

                  1. re: julesrules

                    Oh right, that was vox. And I agree too, the cakes would probably appeal to kids.

          2. I bought a couple of chocolate cupcakes from there on Saturday, and they were nothing to write home about. The frosting was pretty bland, and the cake kinda dry. I was disappointed -- they cost $3.50 each!

            1. Phipps had a wonderful reputation in the past and I liked many of their creations a lot. I started going there when they were on Parliament St. The restaurant my wife used to own even sourced some desserts there many years ago.

              That said, we haven't been to Phipps in years. When we learned of the connection and saw the many elaborate, impressive looking cakes on display, we tried this place (shortly after it opened). We had some simple things and they were not good. Despite that, my wife sprang for a stupendously expensive layer cake for a special occasion and it was really bad. It looked pretty, but was dry, tasted fake, and was too sweet. We've never been back.

              It will be interesting to see whether the name change will be accompanied by a major quality improvement, or whether Phipp's simply isn't what it once was.

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              1. re: embee

                I have been going to the Phipps' outlet near Leslie & York Mills. I find things to be fresher there (the selection, however, is significantly reduced over what is in the Danforth store). For example, when I have bought the "pan cakes" at the outlet, they are moist and fresh tasting, but the identical one on Danforth was stale. I lucked out at Thanksgiving, walking into the outlet as they were taking pumpkin pies out of the oven; they were excellent and definitely some of the best pumpkin pie I've had.

              2. They used to have a cake with chai icing that was excellent. We would often pick one up as a dessert for dinner parties as it was such an unexpected but delicious taste combination. Sadly the last time I stopped in (September?) I was told they don't offer that cake anymore. Haven't really had a reason to pop back in since...