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Nov 23, 2007 03:39 PM

hinano in venice, near the international boarwalk???

anyone been here? or know what i'm talking about? is it ultimately any good? and what kind of food is served here?


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  1. Excellent cheese burgers. Although when you say near the International Boardwalk I'm not sure if that location along Washington right by the foot of the Venice Beach Pier is callled that? I thought that was the section along the boardwalk to the north?

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      my mistake, i meant ocean front walk, internaitonal board walk is redondo beach pier area.

      so basically it's on Washington, near C and O italian???

      1. re: kevin

        Right. It's maybe two or three storefronts from where the south entrance to the ocean front walk begins on the north side of the street.

      2. re: Servorg

        Dark bar with great burgers and cold beer.

      3. Just be aware that it is a bar and kids can't go in. The burgers are great. It's a throwback Venice dive; the kind of place you close down at 2 AM.

        1. They have a menu, but the only thing to get there is the burger. In all my years of going there I've never seen anyone order anything else. The other menu items might not really exist, I'm not sure. It is a total dive - sawdust on the floor, pool tables, colorful characters and sometimes live music.

          1. Disclaimer: my neighbor owns H.

            Wine and beer only. Terrible wine options but great beer selection.

            Limited menu: as others have stated, you go for the great cheeseburger. Other than that they do a couple of sandwiches (tuna is really good), hotdogs and soup. That is it. They just have a grilll. No fryer so no french fries etc.

            Classic dive bar; been used in many film shoots.

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              Marlane, I recently stumbled onto Chowhound. I worked at Hinano 30 years ago and we had "the best burgers in town" even then. I frequented the old stomping grounds when I visited friends in the Canals, from way-back-when, while researching my book a few summers ago.
              I have to say that the burgers were still the best (aside from my own grassfed beef!), the beer as icy cold and the popcorn as delectable. The patrons were as friendly and colorful as in those long-gone days, and the 2 pool tables as challenging. Even Jim Morrison's scratched in initials were still there in the corner!

              I also popped in one morning to find Lee at the books.....she was my bar manager then., is she the neighbor you speak of? If so, pass on my regards and best wishes for a Hinano New Year! Hope to get back soon to enjoy its delights.

            2. Rave reviews on the burgers and beer. Frankly, the patrons are friendly and down to earth, which should be more common in LA. Go on Saturday or Sunday afternoons when there is live blues from excellent local bands. The bar carries its namesake beer Hinano from Tahiti in addition to others.