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Nov 23, 2007 02:57 PM

Manoli Canoli

Has anyone tried Manoli Canoli in Chevy Chase? It is located on Connecticut Ave in the location of the former Marcella's. We are considering going there tomorrow, but thought I would first find out if anyone has any comments on the food.

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  1. We had their pizza a few weeks ago -- quite a disappointment. Same recipies as the old Marcella's, but the crust, which was never Marcella's strong point, was carboard. Can't say about the other items. They are also serving breakfast -- but absolutely empty -- I'm afraid they will go under soon, and don't understand why they don't send out flyers to the neighbors.

    1. i went for lunch a week ago, had the eggplant matzorella sub on their hard roll. I have to say it was super. since then i have gone again and had the antipasta, the egg lemon soup, and have purchased matzorella to take with me along with their olives. I have never had better. i will return to try again. in answer to Marissa, my neighbors have gotten pizza and they loved it. I dont have any doubt that they will do just fine. I too had gone to Marcellas, there are significant improvements in this restaurant, the menu and the service.

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        We'll have to give it another try--and it wouldn't take much to improve the old service!