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where to buy cake in TO

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I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the place to buy the best cake from any of the bakeries or food purveyors (pusateris, loblaws, longos etc...) in T-dot. The preference would be chocolate but I am open to any suggestions.


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  1. Ordered a superb chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream from Queen of Tarts last week.


    1. I love the carrot cake at Harbord Bakery. It is a bit pricey.

      Regarding chocolate, my fav would have to be the triple chocolate cake from Futures (so actually Dufflets).

      1. The Hot Oven Bakery in Cloverdale Mall does great traditional cakes. If you are in a hurry, Tim Hortons does a surprisingly good chocolate cake at their bigger outlets.

        1. Phipps has a very dense chocolate cake with a fudgey frosting, if you're into that. (i prefer a lighter cake - anyone know where the best blackforest can be found?)

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            i forgot to mention my fave for chocolate is dufflet rasp choc cake.

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              Yay!!! Anything from Dufflets is awesome! I have ordered form them on several occasions and NEVER been disappointed!

          2. the best chocolate cake i've had was the blackout cake from sen5es. i haven't tried the chocolate cake from Queen of Tarts, but they haven't disappointed me yet so i'm guessing that cake will be excellent too.


            Senses Bakery & Restaurant - duplicate
            318 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

            1. I find that the cakes from LaRocca (available at Loblaw's and perhaps Sobey's) are uniformly wonderful....they have a Chocolate Truffle Cake that I generally use for Birthday dinners at our house. They have a whole range of cakes and I think that they are reasonably priced and can be ordered a day in advance if the store doesn't have one in the showcase.
              p.s. 'chocabot'.... I would try some of the European Bakeries for Black Forest Cake.

              1. For birthday cakes, try Cakes by Robert. Its great.

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                  Hey teffub, is this the guy at Bathurst and Wilson?

                2. Hi Moola,
                  One cake stands out whenever I think of chocolate...
                  It's the "Death by Chocolate" cake by Pauline's Pastries. Available at Bruno's Fine Foods and possibly Pusateris, it's rich, dense and really high quality.

                  1560 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T, CA

                  1. Amadeus : http://www.amadeusfinecakes.com/
                    On Bathurst, South of Centre - WOW!

                    1. I got a delicious B-cake at Pusateri's (from Thiet) - Darn expensive but so -so god

                      1. Sunvalley on Danforth Ave, just west of Pape ave is really great for cakes and pasteries. They don't mass produce so everything is very well made and so rich!

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                          Jesse paul, Sun Valley's cakes are not done in house. They are supplied by Dufflet's, Pauline's and LaRocca. Having said that, I agree some are pretty good.

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                            Do they make their own? I was of the impression they bring them in from Dufflets, etc.

                            Edit: Ahem, sorry, I posted this and just noticed millygirl had already chimed in on the topic.

                          2. How far are you willing to go?
                            Amadeus (on Bathurst, south of Centre St.) has wonderful cakes and pastries.
                            And, of course, you have the usual pastry shops on Mt.Pleasant etc.

                            1. The best cake I had in the past few years was from Rahier. It was exquisite. It had pistachio cream and crisp waffle layers. Everyone (including people who don't normally like sweets) loved it.

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                                Do you recall how much that cost? I always love trying cakes with pistachio but have yet to sample a good one.

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                                  Sorry, someone brought it to a party. But it was absolutely delicious. It had a few layers, one might have been cakey, another one was definitely creamy. It wasn't overly sweet, which everyone liked.

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                                  Typical ''French'' attitude. The cakes are good but I would advise you to take them out and enjoy somewhere else.

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                                    rahier makes mini bite-sized versions of all their cakes, and several are pistachio based - the best way to sample!

                                  2. I just bought a chocolate cake from the bakery at All the Best and it was fantastic (and reasonably priced) - chocolate fudge cake with a chocolate buttercream icing. The cake had the texture of a brownie. Also, it wasn't too sweet.

                                    1. The Chocolate Chip Banana Cake by LaRocca is amazing and everyone I've served it to has loved it! I bought it twice from Future Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market. Very reasonably priced at only $36 for a large cake. You can get a smaller version too.

                                      1. I would strongly suggest Dessert Trends. We tried their double raspberry cake at a party recently, and it was a huge hit. It had a really delicious and moist vanilla sponge cake, and layered with raspberry cream, and dotted with plump raspberries. Their retail location is on Harbord St.

                                        1. Futures Bakery on Bloor St. & Brunswick Ave.
                                          Its a popular cake place but isn't a fancy place that is really made for weddings and such.

                                          1. Irresistible Cakes in Woodbridge makes great cakes. All cakes lactose free and created in a completely nut-free facility. www.icakes.ca

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                                              They are lactose free because the cakes and icings are all made of shortening :(, no yummy butter in sight!

                                              I get mine from www.marmaladecakecompany.com Totally hand-made, fresh and she designs them however you'd like. We just did a baby shower and she took the invitation and made it into a biggest most funky cake ever! Tasted amazing too, we had the roasted banana & red velvet flavours. She books up really fast though so you have to give her plenty of notice for ordering.

                                            2. Should you live close on Bathurst, North of Steeles, I would recommend Amadeus. Not only for cakes but also for pastries. Their croissants are very good.

                                              1. Arz Fine Foods -1909 Lawrence Avenue East (between Pharmacy and Warden

                                                The following is taken from a review by
                                                SUITE 101.com
                                                ARZ BAKERY
                                                "Some say the best pastries are French, while others argue that the Austrians and Germans are the ones to bake up the sweetest treats. While I enjoy them all, one of the most fantastic flavour combinations to quell my pastry pangs comes from the Lebanese.

                                                Armand Boyadjian, co-owner and head pastry chef at Arz Fine Foods is a master with rosewater, dates, nut and cream fillings. He learned his craft as a fourteen year old boy in Lebanon, later augmenting his knowledge in Paris, France. He's been in Canada since 1989 and together with his brothers, started a quality Middle Eastern food shop with an extensive bakery featuring some of the very best in Lebanese pastry specialties
                                                Personally, I can't recall seeing anything of the chocolate variety, however, their display is worth the trip alone.
                                                Good Luck and Happy New Year

                                                1. try future bakery in st lawrence market and Chocolada along yonge and steeles...you can't go wrong with their pastries! it's truly an art and melt-in-your-mouth cakes!

                                                  1. Phipps (on Eglinton, just west of Avenue Road) has fabulous (but somewhat pricey) cakes. They're beautiful and tasty.

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                                                      I got their vanilla cake for a friend's birthday recently. The consensus was that it was just too dense and rich, and to me it had an almost cheesecake-y texture, and an off flavour. Don't know if that texture would work better in a chocolate cake. And trust me, I LOVE cake of any kind. I've had various cookies and a pumpkin pie from Phipps which were all lovely, but this has been the only cake I've tried. I'd be interested to know what others think.

                                                    2. Another suggestion is the time tested Dufflet Pastries (on Queen St. W, plus another location I think) - they have a very nice chocolate truffle cake with a dark chocolate glaze which is fantastic!

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                                                        Last week I picked up a very nice 9" vanilla layer cake for my son's birthday from the Dufflet's at the Beaches. (There is a 3rd location at Yonge and Eglinton as well.) My son's a picky eater but he and his friends enjoyed it, polishing off most of the cake. Dufflet's also sells miniature cupcakes, same recipe as the vanilla cake, so you can taste-test before you order the large cake.

                                                        I have found that the staff at Dufflet's is always friendly and helpful, and it's so nice to be able to buy delicious cakes at a place without 'attitude'.

                                                        For my next birthday in February I'm looking forward to trying the chocolate raspberry truffle cake from Dufflet's, based on the comments on this board.

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                                                          Ordered Dufflet's Lemon Parfait cake for a birthday yesterday. It was delicious. Very lemony - fresh-tasting and light in texture (not calories!). Everyone raved about it.

                                                          Ordering and pick up at the Yonge location was very pleasant and uncomplicated. The website has a detailed menu with photos.

                                                      2. I recently spotted a square Rahier chocolate cake being sold at Le Gourmand in the food court at Hudson Bay Centre. It's in layers, similar to the pisticachio cake I had, with a chocolate ganache on top. It looks rich and decadent and untouchable as long as I'm still this idiot low-carb diet.

                                                        1. Since this thread is still kicking around, I'm going to put in my vote for Marvellous Edibles -- really tasty cakes. My fave is their chocolate banana cake, very moist and delicious. I know they bake cakes like Belgian chocolate mousse, chocolate truffle but not sure about plain chocolate if that's why you're looking for.

                                                          Marvellous Edibles
                                                          120 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G3V3, CA

                                                          Marvellous Edibles
                                                          2781 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4B, CA

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                                                            Not to change subject but have you had dinner at Marvellous Edibles Jamie?
                                                            Just wondering how it is. Been many times for brunch and love their omelets and BLT's.

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                                                              No, in fact, I haven't even been for lunch or brunch! I've only ever bought cakes from the St Clair location. Every time I drive by Laird I see it and think I've GOT to actually eat there. Will make a concerted effort to do so soon.

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                                                                Do any of these cake stores offer trans fat free cakes???

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                                                                  As long as they're not using traditional vegetable shortening (there are some newer kinds that don't have trans fats), then there really shouldn't be significant trans fats in them; perhaps the most likely cakes to have trans fats would be non-dairy cakes, as the icing is likely to be made of shortening.

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                                                                I figured I'd answer your question in this thread b/c this is where it appeared, but there is some on-topic stuff on the subject of cake at the bottom of the post...I've been for dinner at marvellous edibles once or twice, and while it was decent (I think maybe I had the grilled chicken breast with salad, so it's not like i was really living on the edge), I much preferred lunch there, b/c the sandwiches are fantastic - the steak sandwich, tandoori chicken breast with apple, club, and meatloaf offerings are great, and the SO has spoken highly of their cuban sandwich also. the sweet potato fries are a terrific accompaniment (always very crispy, but not overdone), and the dressing on their house salad is yummy as well, so I usually get both. I think I need to make a return trip at dinner and order one of the more exciting options to see how they do.

                                                                And now, so this post is not utterly and completely devoid of cake - I'll throw in a plug for Katie's Cakes on O'Connor Drive. They made a lemon birthday cake for a friend of mine that had an edible photograph printed on it - the cake was nice and moist, with almost the texture of poundcake. It's also a great place to get little sugar flowers, decorating supplies and other random things to put on cakes if you're feeling ambitious.

                                                            2. I generally find Dufflet's too sweet (personal taste thing, really). I get my cakes/tarts at Senses, Dessert Trends, or Frangipane. At Senses, I like the light airy texture of their cakes. I like Dessert Trends for something more rich. And I'm a fan of the lemon poppyseed cake and the various tarts at Frangipane.