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Seven Numbers?

Heard totally opposite view on this. Any good?

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  1. I can only speak about the one on the Danforth....hated it. Very loud. I much prefer Gio's on Queen, same type menu but better in both atmosphere and tastes.

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      OK, I will admit that living on the Danforth and not having gone to Seven Numbers ia a little embarrasing for me. I've been meaning to try it, I really have, but I live at the other end of the Danforth and its just never really worked out....

      BUT, if your saying that 7 Numbers is loud compared to Gio's!!!!!!!!! We went there once, enjoyed the food (a little over rated maybe) and the atmosphere, but the noise was deafening! So if 7 Number is worse!!!!! Wow.

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        Yes bluedog it is WAY louder at 7 Numbers. I too have found Gio's loud at certain visits but it never bothers me. It seems kind of background and mostly made from the many people simply having a good time. I can handle that. At 7, it was crappy music turned up way too loud. The one time we went to 7 we could barely hear each other. It was really uncomfortable. So don't fret, you're not missing much.

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          The 7 Numbers Danforth experience bears no relevance to the 7 Numbers Eglinton experience. What they'll miss is Mama Rosa's good cooking.

    2. I tried the one on the Danforth based on good reviews but didn't like it much. I had the duck leg among other things, but the food was not memorable and also found it loud. Never needed to go back.

      1. Used to love and rave about it, but quality and portion size have gone downhill, price has gone up. I prefer Gio's as well.

        1. I recently returned to the Danforth location after a good experience last year, and I was disappointed, I'm sorry to say.
          The calamari, for example, was crisp and golden and not overly oily the first time I went, but this time it was just unpleasant. Nothing was horrible per se, I would just say overall, it was just completely not worth going back to.

          1. Go to where Mama Rosa is cooking. She's the original reason for the success of Gio's on Yonge when it was The Nose and 5 Doors North. I couldn't have agreed with the review more. You can't copy her style as it requires her years of experience to make it work.

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              With or without Rosa, Gio's is packing them in every night.

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                Thanks Googs. Mama Rosa's presence at the Danforth location last year and her absence recently would explain the discrepancy. I'll try out the Eglington West location next time I'm in that neighbourhood.

              2. +

                Seven Numbers
                516 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N, CA

                7 Numbers Danforth
                307 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1N7, CA

                1. Had supper with 8 other friends at 7 Numbers on the Danforth last night, and was a little worried after reading these last few reviews.

                  Anyway, because of the large party of us, we had the "family service" which was basically a prix fixe kind of menu where they supplied us a few different kinds of salads, veggies, pastas and appetizers, and then we each selected our own main.

                  The results? It was ok, but not great. I had the baked rabbit, which wasn't bad, but the lentils it was served on top of were tasteless.

                  But my main concern, and I am going to echo some of the comments here, is the volume of the place. It was incredibly LOUD in there, I couldn't hear anyone. I could barely have a conversation with anyone at the table, and considering the way they packed us in that was a suprize.

                  I still can't believe how loud it was, it really spoiled my experience there. I may return once more when it is not as busy.

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                  1. re: Lazar

                    My five friends and I were also at the Danforth location last night. I made the reservation before reading these comments and was worried about the 'mediocre' food since I was the one who chose the restaurant.

                    We all had the 'Family Service' prix fixe dinner. Each person had to pay $27 for this menu which consisted of about five appetizers, three pastas and one main of our choice plus two veggie sides. The portions were quite generous and my friends and I agreed the food was tasty and not bad for a family-style Italian restaurant. I had the 'Sexy Duck' which was a white wine braised duck leg seasoned with rosemary. My other friend had the same and we were both pleasantly surprised, very flavourful and moist. There were five hungry men and myself sharing all the plates and by the end of the night we were stuffed.

                    Yes, the restaurant was NOISY and the place was packed to the brim. The service was attentive, our waiter was very busy but always checked on us during our meal. I agree with Lazar and will go back again but on a less busy night. It's not a bad place for a casual gathering with descent food and prices.

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                      7 Numbers is a great little place! We go about once a month & have always had really good service from the boys in spite of the fact that it's usually quite busy. The food, while not high-end, is great (the prices are very good as well) and I cannot go there without ordering the calamari!

                      It's a busy restaurant - not a library - so it does get very loud. The crowd is quite boisterous & out to have a good time...not for the faint of heart or someone out for a (quiet) romantic meal. That being said, it's a fun spot with tasty food that won't break the bank.