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Nov 23, 2007 02:31 PM

Tastiest restaurant on 5th Ave. Park Slope??

Hey guys,

Just moved in the neighbourhood and and looking for really yummy place to go tonite. Please help. I have already tried Aladila which is my fav so far. I want to discover other good ones. Pl. Help.

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  1. Welcome. Convivium Osteria at 68 Fifth Avenue is really good and I love the atmosphere. I see that Park Slope is pretty empty so maybe it won't be crowded and you can have a nice experience there.

    1. most would say al di la, convivium osteria, tempo, stone park cafe and blue ribbon
      (for me its actually in that order, and i would personally leave off blue ribbon because i got ill after a meal there) as the best (or maybe just finest?) places on 5th ave. i actually really like miriam as well. i've had countless very solid three course meals there for not too rough a pricetag. there are several places to get a decent burger along 5th ave as well with sidecar on the south end, bonnies in the middle and alchemy and melt both on the north end (though those two last burgers are on the pricey side). if you are travelling away from 5th ave and over to 7th in south slope a lot of chowhounders have enjoyed meals at applewood. if you are on the northern end of the slope theres two sushi places that i have found pretty good and they are taro and geido (though this has been debated here). i actually think taro has quality sushi but its not a place for rolls. geido i would say is known more for their cooked food but i have enjoyed their rolls as well. for brunch the french toast at cocotte is great the few times i've had it but many have argued that their service is very slow.

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        I'm new to the 'hood and I've been chowing my way through. I won't ever try blue ribbon again. it is not okay to serve lukewarm bone marrow. I really liked the wings at bonnie's grill (the burger is on my "to do" list) and I had a nice fish sandwich (fried trout, arugula, red onion and an awesome bacon aoili on a nice not-too-thick, soft focaccia) with rockin' good thin-battered (and wonderfully spicy/salty seasoning) onion rings at Brooklyn Fish Camp (and I must say, that being a Boston gal, the prices were quite reasonable in my book).

      2. all the places mentioned are great choice but all on the $$$$ side, on the cheaper side try bonnies for wings, press195 for great sandwiches, rachaels taqueria for a quick inexpensive Mexican fix, Gorilla coffee for killer strong coffee, coco roco for cheap rotisserie (sp?) chix to go, la villa for good brick oven pizza...

          1. As all "oldies" here know, my husband and I love Tempo and think it is the absolutely best restaurant in the Park Slope area. Delicious food, friendly service, a nice space and a killer wine list. Their 25$ weekday/35$ weekend menus are the best bargain around.