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Nov 23, 2007 02:21 PM

What's your favorite salad dressing (homemade)?

Hi hounds. I saw a similar posting for favorite soup recipes, and figured I'd get many interesting responses....

I always make dressings/vinaigrettes from scratch, and am thus always looking for new ideas. I have a variety of oils, such as olive (d'uh), lemon, walnut, roasted peanut, and roasted almond; I also have a bunch of different vinegars: white wine, red wine, white balsamic, regular balsamic, sherry, malt.... and a couple of different mustards.

What is YOUR favorite dressing?

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  1. I keep on posting this one for Miso Vinaigrette from Epicurious when folks ask this question... I always double the fresh ginger,,,as an alternative to this, I usually just use crushed fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil whisked together with either 1. fresh lemon juice OR 2. balsamic vinegar...the bottled stuff just has WAY too much sodium!

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      I was going to post this one as well as soon as I saw the subject. It is great. I only use about a third of the oil as it is too heavy.

      1. re: Val

        I use this exact same dressing, and I love it.

        I also use a bit of champagne vinegar, mustard, fresh lemon juice, olive oil and S&P to taste.

      2. This is not fancy, but I DO love it. The basic components are lime juice (a little white wine vinegar to stretch it if things are getting too tart for taste), salt & pepper, LOTS of cumin, garlic, LOTS of cilantro, extra-virgin olive oil. It ain't much, but it always makes me wish the salad were bigger.

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          One of my faves, too - esp. with mint and/or cilantro. Makes a simple tomato-cucumber salad sing.

          I really like curry dressing, too. I make it with plain yogurt, curry powder, lemon or lime juice, salt, and a little honey. (A quick variation: sub wasabi for curry, rice vinergar for lemon, stir in a little soy sauce.)

        2. JUst a simple italian ma taught me,and made the salad first,and then put the spices on top and the oil , etc and mixed it by hand. blk pepper, garlic powder, basil, oregano, pinch sugar, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a small splash of balsamic. I get a lot of compliments on it.

          1. Thanks for the replies so far.... though there must not be a lot of salad eaters out here, it would appear. Bummer.

            I do it the 'Italian' way sometimes, too, where you just throw the vinaigrette ingredients on top of the salad and mix it all in. Messy, but good.

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              Lingua, you might also do a 'search' on this board of your topic if you haven't already...I know for sure it has come up before--I've posted that recipe many times under similar posts. During the summertime, salads are a pretty popular subject.

            2. I use a Tsp of Bertmans mustard and then add equal parts of extra virgin olive oil and either homemade red wine or cider vinegar, plus my own spice mix.

              I bought a small jar of Penzeys vinaigrette spice mix, but it has sugar and too much salt.

              Did anyone notice that commercial vinaigrette has HFCS in it? I know that HFCS is cheap but why does everything need to be sweetened?

              (Fights the urge to go O-T and rant about HFCS)

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              1. re: Kelli2006

                I also like Dijon and vinegar mixed together, very nice with finely chopped shallot or crushed garlic, too.

                I am SO with you on the HFCS...they put it in breads, even stewed tomatoes...I recently bought a can of Publix brand stewed tomatoes and then e-mailed Del Monte to say "I could have bought YOUR brand but didn't because you add HFCS...why are you putting bad ingredients in your products? I refuse to purchase products that contain HFCS and I'm telling you so." They e-mailed me back some corporate bull-honkey reply like: "At Del Monte, we use only the finest quality ingredient for our customers." Sickening--what liars.

                1. re: Val

                  I did the same rant to Schwepps -- emailed them that I would no longer purchase their tonic water because of HFCS. There went my summer Gin and tonics!
                  (switched to chile-infused guava margaritas, so no complaints!)