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Nov 23, 2007 01:24 PM

Canoe .. Is it worth it

Hello fellow chowhounders..

I was wondering for those of you who have had dinner at Canoe , whether you can provide you opinion on whether it was a worthwhile experience.

Its been one of those restaurants that have been on my must experience at one point list but I balk everytime at the price and wonder if I should keep it on my list.

I have been to Bymark, Mistura, North 44 and Sushi Kaji and I feel like at any level when its expensive enough you will get pretty good service and pretty decent food. However I'm looking for your opinion as to whether the food and experience was exceptional enough that it was a worthwhile dining experience even with its high price tag.

Thanks everyone or your input.

Happy dining


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  1. I had a fantastic 10 course tasting menu in October. Chef Walsh brought several of our courses to the table himself. Their sommelier Joanne was spot on with wine pairings. The highlight for me was the loin/belly/compression terrine of St. Canut pork combination with a Miguel Merino Gran Riserva 1998 Rioja. At the end of the day, for an expensive restaurant, Canoe has always been spot on for me. The team there seems to be constantly improving as well.


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      was this 10 course tasting specially arranged or off the menu? i went there a couple weeks ago and there was only the 'taste canoe' menu with 4 courses.

      i enjoyed my meal, with the wine pairings and service was great. was it mindblowing and the best tasting food i've ever had? probably not. but interesting ingrediants and combinations, things were cooked perfectly and the wines went pretty well with the courses. my dining partner really loved the view, and as a visitor, that was a nice bonus. i haven't eaten at the other top restaurants so i can't really compare.

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        It was not prearranged. We asked for the longest tasting menu they could give us. also note that I do work in the industry and they were well aware of that.


    2. personally, IMHO, no it's not worth it.

      It's the kind of place I would go on an expense account but would not spend my own money there. Bymark, I spend my own money to eat at.

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        54th Floor TD Bank Tower, 66 Wellington, Toronto, ON M5K 1H6, CA

        1. My daughter and son-in-law were there for Valentine's and they loved it.

          1. The food was prety good when I went, although it was a good few years ago but the medium rare lamb was nigh unto raw. I remember I liked the smoked trout appetizer. The portion sizes were very generous - almost too large.

            The service was practically non-existant. If it hadn't been for the busboy I would have thought we were invisible. Our waitress had a table of family and friends seated next to us and she spent the whole evening with them. Let me revise the non-existant comment; we saw her back turned toward us all night.

            The noise level was nearly unbearable. The table next to us was so close we could have been best friends with them by the end of the night and the wine list was so over-priced I swear it had more than the usual 300% mark-up. I resent paying $90. for something that retails for $15.

            What really turned me off the most was the sight of several senior partners of some of the city's top law firms making out in the banquettes with much younger women.

            Haven't been back since.