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Nov 23, 2007 01:16 PM

Kansas City shopping trip.

Made a trip to St.Louis for my shopping, was totally disappointed so I'm coming back to your fair town, will be going to Johnson street, to Jersey shore bagels and Werners German Deli,but I'm looking for a good bakery where I can get some good crunchy bread and hard roles,am also looking for a good authentic Italian hoagie.

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  1. I've not been but Artisan Francaise comes highly recommended for good crusty bread. Its at 119th and Glenwood. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get there.

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      Artisan Francaise has great crusty bread.If they sell out before you get there, Farm to Market bread is pretty good and you can get it at any Hen House supermarket. I haven't tried them personally, but I would think the baguettes at Vietnamese markets like Kim Long or the new catty corner from Chinatown Market on Grand would be a good (and inexpensive) substitute also.

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        I've only had Artisan Francais baguettes, but I thought they were no better than supermarket quality. It was only once, but it's a bit of a trip for me, and it was so disappointing I'm not eager to make it again.

        Fervere's bread is very good, and I like Farm to Market, too. Since you're going to be on Johnson Drive anyway, you might check Chacko's. Their pastries and loaf breads are good, but I haven't tried the crusty breads there. I bet their rolls are good.

      2. I'd also recommend Carollo's Italian deli in the City Market. I've had hoagies there, and the bread they used for the sandwiches was great.

        Another place for great bread in KC is Fervere (, located just west of downtown at 1702 Summit St. Definitely call ahead as their hours are a little eccentric.

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          We went to Fervere when we were in KC in late September, and it's definitely the one thing I'll be sure to hit on any subsequent visit. We brought back three loaves to St. Louis, and they were all wonderful.

          The cheese slipper especially is one I have dreams about. ( )

        2. If you are traveling Johnson Drive, then you will be in close proximity of Chacko's bakery (not sure what types of bread they serve up, but it would be worth checking) They are located near Jersey Shore bagels, same side of the street just a little further east on Johnson. Look for the green awning. I would recommend this bakery to anyone who enjoys quality products, and a friendly atmosphere. You will also be close to Italian Delight. You will hear various opinions about the place, but they have been there forever and I am yet to have a bad experience there. I would definitely stop by for your Italian hoagie fix. They have a wide array of sandwiches, salads, pastas and the best damn NY style pizza I have found in KC.

          1. Whole Foods has excellent bread and rolls,etc.

            1. 222 Artisan Bakery - Edwardsville, IL