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Nov 23, 2007 12:58 PM

Best takeout gravlax and lox in NYC?

Hello hounds, greetings from an LA transplant who doesn't know his hometown anymore. Simple question: I'm in NYC now, need to go to NJ on Sunday for a baby naming, and promised I'd bring gravlax and lox. While I know I can err on the side of caution and just go to Dean & DeLuca, I thought I'd post to see my other (and possibly) better options. Price is no object. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You should try Russ & Daughters on Houston St. & Allen St. Great gravlax and lox. I prefer the Gaspe (less salty, very moist and fatty). They have a variety of smoked salmons, and you might want to try them. They're very nice at R&D, and will give you tastes so you can pick what you like.

    1. Russ and Daughters. An amazing assrtment of hand-sliced smoked salmon and wonderful whitefish salad.

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        Oh yeah... their reputation is known even in LA. But a follow-up question: I'm on the upper East side, and depending on how tomorrow plays out, getting downtown may be a problem. Any options here, or on the upper West side (I do remember than a stop at H&H for bagels is required).

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          If you're on the UWS, go to Barney Greengrass.

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            Go for Murray's Sturgeon Shop, west side of Broadway between 89th and 90th. I think its fish is even a little better than Barney Greengrass, which is excellent itself, AND Murray's won't be a madhouse with the brunch crew on Sunday mornings -- which is something I would worry about with Barney Greengrass, even if you're just picking up.