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Nov 23, 2007 12:54 PM

Fabulicious Thanksgiving Desserts

Our dinner yesterday went very well. Turkey was salted and peppered and left for a day and a half in the fridge. Turned out great. Every time I thank lucky stars that I found the instant-read thermometer! Stick it into the inside of the turkey's thigh and wait for it to hit 160 degrees. A new stove also helped.

One friend brought a chicken liver pate that we had a couple of years ago and loved, but thought it just too rich for an app. When she suggested it this year we thought about it and decided we didn't care if it was too rich. It was just tooooo delicious. We all managed to hold back a bit and there was actually a little left over - a first for our house.

My sister brought delicious green olives and made a wonderful smoked salmon spread made from salmon caught and smoked on the northern coast of Califa.

Turkey and stuffing and organic spuds halved and roasted with skins on. Red cabbage (ala Julia Child MAOFC - with bacon (I only had a ham hock piece), onions, garlic, wine, carroway seeds, etc.) and our mother's Swedish recipe for cucumbers and onions in sour cream (I forgot to get sour cream and used nonfat yoghurt and mascarpone mixed together....worked really well).

The desserts were also really stellar. Son and D-in-law brought a buttermilk pie (flavored with lemon zest and cardamom) with a fantastic crust! I was jealous of the crust.

I made a dessert that didn't look as it should have due to several factors - one being that I didn't have the correct size ramekins (mine were too big) and the filling didn't fill them. They were too thin and didn't unmold properly, so I just scooped them onto individula plates. The recipe for cream pumpkin custard comes from Gina de Palma's new cookbook. I found it online. It's a pumpkin custard served with golden raisins simmered with orange juice and rum....I had no rum and so used a combo of pear eau de vie and Calvados. I didn't have the correct ingredients once again and topped it with my nonfat yoghurt/mascarpone combo.

I'd say that these two desserts were among the best I've ever eaten.

We even had a wonderful pinot noir brought from the tres chic home of pino - Oregon - by a friend who flew in from Portland.

End of blathering.

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  1. See here, you think this might be an inkling of what that buttermilk pie is all about (from Saveur)...and if not, would Son and DIL give up the recipe, maybe? It (the pie you ate) sounds wonderful!

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    1. re: Val

      That's it. They did say they thought more cardamom was needed...indeed, it was hardly tasted. Maybe overwhelmed by the lemon zest. In any case, it was terrific.

    2. That buttermilk pie sounds wonderful!
      There were only 3 of us, with my father requesting pecan pie and my DH wanting "something with chocolate".
      So I made Nick Malgieri's flaky butter crust (adding a touch of sugar) with Rose Levy Beranbaum's pecan pie recipe. I make this pie all the time and it's delicious.
      For the second dessert, I improvised and made banana pudding, then folded in some slightly sweetened whipped cream. I made graham cracker tartlet shells, coated the bottom with a layer of chocolate (el Rey, our favorite), then filled with the lightened banana pudding, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It was great!

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      1. re: diablita FL

        The crust for the buttermilk pie was amazing. It was crispy and brittle and verrrry buttery and tasty.

        1. re: oakjoan

          Well, I've got some buttermilk, opened from a whole wheat banana bread I baked a few days ago sitting in the fridge and now I MUST try that pie...I've never even tasted buttermilk pie but want to try it that I've read just seemed so..well, bland and boring.

          1. re: Val

            The buttermilk pie had a really nice tang from both the buttermilk and the lemon zest. In the Saveur recipe, they said that regular buttermilk we by in stores is not tangy enough, having been tamed by the producers (after complaints from whining blandlovers?). I can't remember exactly, but I think they added some sour cream to the bmilk.

            1. re: Val

              Val, would you share the WW banana bread recipe? Please 'n thank you?

              1. re: toodie jane

                Of it, the recipe calls for low-fat yogurt, but what I did was soak the oats (I always buy regular organic, not quick-cooking) in buttermilk before adding them to the batter, one of the reviewers said the oats were a bit chewy, so that's why I do it that way. Another change I make is to increase the whole wheat flour to 3/4 cup and decrease the white flour to 3/4 cup. The banana flavor in this bread is more subtle--overall, though, it's a pretty healthy baked good and tastes pretty good--have made it 3 or 4 times now. See what you think: