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Nov 23, 2007 12:01 PM

Suggestions for fun, buzzy restaurant for 25 people for 30th birthday??

I am seeking a fun restaurant with a good buzzy atmosphere to celebrate a 30th birthday for about 25 people. I'm looking for somewhere that we can really make a night of - good food, good drinks, lively, trendy atmosphere where we can stay on for cocktails afterwards - so a restaurant/lounge, restaurant/bar might be what we're looking for or a restaurant that has bar that we could go to after dinner.

I love the atmosphere at Gio Rana's but would prefer somewhere a little more accessible to downtown and there are few bar options that can be reached quickly on foot in the area(given it's winter!). Recommendations very very much appreciated as I have been doing so much research but haven't quite found "it". Cost per person for a starter and main ideally $40 or less.


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      1. Laide always is a "go to" place for birthdays.