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Nov 23, 2007 11:39 AM

Special Place for Mom's 50th birthday

Looking to celebrate in style... we will be a group of 10, with a budget of up to 150 a person (including drinks, tax and tip). I'd like to make this very special - either a private room, chef's table, or something else about the atmo that will really make the evening stand out. I previously asked about Park Avenue Autumn, have been considering Compass or Il Buco, but just wondering what else might be an option. Anywhere in the city is fine, Itailan/French/American preferred but not necessary... Any ideas or input will be appreciated, everyone is counting on me! Also, she's dying to go to Babbo which I am sure would be impossible for this - would Del Posto be a comparable option?

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    1. re: aimeezing1

      I guess that is in response to Del Posto?

      1. re: Snaps

        Sorry - yes, I have investigated doing a private event there and it was estimated to be upwards of $280 per person. You may want to look at the private rooms at Grammercy Tavern and Tocqueville which are bot wonderful, but again, may be over your budget.

    2. Turns out this is very difficult to do at $150 a head for 10 people, most places seem to have high minimums for private rooms (tried Il Buco, Blue Hill, Lupa, Toqueville - all minimums of 2000 or more before tax and tip) Compass has no minimum, but the menus for a private room start at 90 a head, which just seems like too much for Compass. And unfortunately, many nice places won't take a group of ten outside a private room (The Modern, Blue Hill, Annisa, Apizz). So right now we are considering a private room at Aroma or Barbuto which have reasonabe minimums (700, 600) but not sure if the food will stand out as special. I've been to Aroma for the Aperitivo and enjoyed that, but this was mainly cheese, salad etc. Maybe we will just do a nice dinner somewhere that will actually seat 10 (Craft? Peasant? I am so indecisive about this!)