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Nov 23, 2007 11:32 AM

hey buddies-know any great/unique brunch place?

You always come through for me... I need a place to take out of town foodies on Sunday at noon around boston/cambridge. ANy ideas? it can be expensive or divey as long as it is special.

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  1. Unique: Tremont 647 in the South End where patrons arrive in their pajamas for Sunday Brunch.

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    1. re: bakerboyz

      oh my god baker boy-that sounds like fun and sure is unique :). food yummy?

      1. re: poochie

        Sorry, never been, but Husbands is a fairly well-respected chef having trained at East Coast Grill under Chris Schlesinger. I am sure that they have a website, you should google the restaurant and check it out.

        1. re: bakerboyz

          thanks and they take reservations! i will post after sunday and let you know.....

          1. re: poochie

            Tremont 647 isn't the only place that does a Sunday pajama brunch locally, if memory serves. I'm pretty sure The Living Room at the edge of the North End does this also. Not at all a fan of the food at the latter, though.

            Also not much taken with Tremont 647's food, which I remember overstepping the concept of creative to become downright weird.

          2. re: bakerboyz

            Although the wait can be long, I think that the ECG Sunday brunch is both unique and special -- bloody mary bar, oysters on the half shell, grits, eggs, fish tacos, and wet bones!

        2. re: bakerboyz

          had brunch there-it was yummy. the service was awful though

        3. Brookline Family Restaurant - Turkish. Breakfasts are big, tasty and inexpensive, definately a step away from divey. Order at the counter, wait for your number to be called, decent sit-down venue. Freshly made omelets with turkish sausage, other meats or feta and vegs, plus freshly homemade 'pita' which is more like puffed bread bun with black sesame seeds atop. Yum. They have both 'regular' American breakfast and lunch choices, as well as Turkish and middle eastern meals and pastries both sweet and savory. This would be a good choice for out-of-town foodies IMO.

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            sounds great- will be sure to try thanks!

          2. i love the buffet brunch at the Blue Room on sundays. very nice spread with an international bent. good desserts too! reservations recommended.

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              1. just back from tremont 647. we had a private room because there were 7 of us. it took too long for the food to come-but eveyone really enjoyed it. the homemade pop tart was yummy. they should have hammedup the pj part a little-they didnt have humor about it. Bakerboyz-you have allowed me to keep my reputation as a fun picker,thanks! thanks for all the other suggestions, companions are usually staying at the boston harbor hotel and it is so nice to get out of there into Boston!