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Nov 23, 2007 10:53 AM

beer tasting log?

my friend sent me this for wines and i'm pretty sure there are a variety of them out there, but...

is there one for beers short of writing a review on beeradvocate? i don't feel that i have the chops yet to start rating beers willy nilly for others to see but i would certainly like to keep a log of notes for myself online. one thing i like about that website is that it will suggest wines that fall within what you tend to enjoy... i would LOVE that for beer as sometimes i feel overwhelmed when i do a beer run across the border and there are racks and racks of names i dont' recognize.

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  1. You might want to check out instead of beer advocate. I do not believe they have length of review requirements, and there are many users that are just as inexperienced at rating/reviewing beer as you are.

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      Speaking to your point:

      "one thing i like about that website is that it will suggest wines that fall within what you tend to enjoy... "

      Beer advocate does with every beer reviewed present beers of similar scores within the style. So for instance if you look up a review of a great DIPA you had, beer advocate will have a score and then list other DIPAs of similar score.


    2. i'd second the recommendation for when you see a particular beer's ratings, there's also a list of top beers in that style, other brewers from the area, and other beers made by that brewer. they've also got good discussion boards. also, because i know you're a toronto person too, i'd suggest checking out , which is a t.o-based site for and by beer geeks. lots of good info on new stuff (which doesn't always make it to the lcbo), tastings, beer dinners, etc.

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        I'll third Great Site!

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          Does anyone know of any software that is tailored to beer tasting? Right now, I have a bulging notebook with the labels that I soak off and glue on each page over my "review" (notes really of what I like and dont like). I would like to organize this a little bit better. I check out beer advocate and rate beer but really just want something for my own internal records.

          I have combed the ads in All About Beer but can't find anything. There is one program, but it only works on palm pilots or blackberries. That doesnt really help...