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Nov 23, 2007 10:41 AM

Golden Unicorn, Dim Sum, downhill?

Just got back from Dim Sim. Msst items, were warm but not hot, the shrimp w/sharkfin dumpling was off (taste, texture, visual), Has anybody has this experience? I'll give 'em 1 more shot, but this was so dissapointing.

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  1. Yes. We wrote about Golden Unicorn earlier this year--it has been getting worse for a while now.



    1. Thanks for the update. I'm thinking Golden Unicorn has been around maybe 20 years and it's very hard for a Chinese restaurant to stay on its game for that period of time. Between the turnover in the kitchen and the evolutionary nature of Chinese food, where yesterday's top notch food becomes ordinary by today's standards, I tend to find that the older Chinese restaurants usually aren't on the top of the heap.

      1. if this is the case, then what places do you suggest as replacements? I want to take some friends for fabulous dimsum. Where should I go? I have heard Jing fong, golden unicorn, sweet tart, Chatham square, amazing 66... Please solidify a top 3 or 5.

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          last i checked sweet tart had closed. i think they have a branch open in queens but the spot on mott has become a dessert/custard place of sorts.

        2. rainorshine
          I dont have 3 or 5 for you as I don't frequent weekend dim sum TOO much. About two months ago I had done some research on CH and local food blogs and decided on 88 Palace, it is excellent. The restaurant is much less chaotic then the usual, the dishes are tasty and well made - ie: wrappers and rolls are sealed tightly and properly and not falling apart or gushing juices. Little details I noticed there that separated it from what can often become somewhat of a "mess hall" of an experience.
          88 East Broadway, 2nd fl, New York, NY 10002

          1. i ran into this place today on a quest for sesame balls before leaving to head home to philly on the chinatown bus. they were out of sesame balls, which was a major disappointment, but had a similar lotus ball which was tasty. today i discovered dim sum can be difficult for 2 vegetarians. for awhile, no food carts came by with vege offerings. then all of a sudden, a storm of carts came by with various fried and steamed veggie dumplings, a malaysian sweet cake, steamed chinese broccoli, some weird pancakey dish, a couple other things... all of a sudden we had a mountain of food in front of us. it was OK... nothing to write home about, maybe except for the fried dumpling with the mushroom filling and the lotus ball. had some really interesting desserts including a black, slimy sesame tube thinger. all for $30, not bad.

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              Indeed dim sum can be difficult for vegetarians, as many of the dishes are seafood-based. You'd have better luck at a place that's all vegetarian (like Vegetarian Dim Sum House) or a place that does both (like Dim Sum Go Go).

              1. re: kathryn

                oooh, good to know and thanks!!! admittedly i don't know the first thing about nyc's chinatown, and it's totally overwhelming to an out-of-towner, so when window-shopping in the cold rain earlier we picked almost the first place we came upon. but dim sum go go is on the route the chinatown bus takes, so i know where that is - i'll definitely try it next time! and where's the vegetarian one? we'd be very interested in trying that out, too... i think i'll be up again next weekend.