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Nov 23, 2007 10:40 AM

Oakland (Temescal) - Fresh Dareye injera daily at U & I Liquors.

This is more of a small nighborhood market than a liquor store though it has a small selection of the usual wine, beer, liquor and lottery tickets.

However, it is more of a family-run neighborhood place where the owner’s toddler son sits behind the counter with him.

The notable thing about this store are the shelves near the window with a few Ethiopian groceries and the plastic bags of injera, a tangy pancake-like Ethiopian flatbread that is made daily by Dareye ($5.50 for three mega-pieces).

This is the first time I tried injera so I can’t tell you how it compares, but from everything I’ve been reading this seems like a good version. Here’s more about injera on the General Board. It might be an acquired tasted.

The store is about a half block from Lanesplitter Pizza.

BTW, I now need some Ethiopian food to ladle on top of it. Any suggestions for East Bay Ethiopian restaurants to get some good take out. Recs for specific dishes would also be appreciated.

U & I No 1 Liquors
4875 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

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  1. The shouro (toasted chickpea flour) veg combination at Cafe Colucci is nice, as is the mushroom tibs (basically a stir fry w/ onions and hot peppers). I've also enjoyed the food at Messob on Piedmont. Both of these places' food has a lot more flavor than Asmara, in my experience. Of course, all of these places will give you ample injera to go with your meal, so you might just want to cook something instead. If you have no Ethiopian recipes, a spicy stir fry of onions, meat or veg, garlic, jalapeno peppers, and rosemary will taste great w/ injera.

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      I second the motion for Cafe Colucci, which is on Telegraph just north of Alcatraz. Don't be put off by the Italian name (Ethiopia was once an Italian "colony," after all). I liked the beef in Berbere sauce.

    2. I've been loving ethiopian in that area for 7 years! My current favorite is Red Sea, on Claremont close to the intersection with Telegraph. Not far from the store you mention. I agree with lexdevil's comments - if you go out, you certainly will not need your own injera.

      1. hi,
        You might wanna go to Cafe Dareye on telegraph: you can find the address on that website. They have really tasty food.. and theyre open for breakfast lunch, and dinner. I tried the veggie combo and it is really good!!!