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Nov 23, 2007 10:38 AM

flick and nosh

Hubby and I have been granted a night pass away from the kids tonight. We were thinking of dinner and movie. I can only come up with LeMeac as it seems I'm outta ideas. Any particularly noteworthy places we should try?

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  1. Just down the block from Lemeac is Bazaar Anise, which is also good. It depends if you're doing dinner first, then movie, or vice versa (in which case, you might be able to do the after-10 special for $22 at Lemeac). Also new are 3 Petits Bouchons, and Bistro Bienville, off the top of my head.

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      Thanks cherylmtl, I was thinking of see movie first thats why 22 at leMeac stuck in my mind. I have not been to Anise in its new recreation but think i will give it a try tonight if not too crowded at 22hoo

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        Give them a call as you leave the flick and they should have a table ready and waiting when you get there.

    2. hubby and I had a 4 star night at Bazaar last night. Perfect meal, perfect service and warm service. A Delight!!! Also note they are moving to new location on Laurier. They will close at present location on Dec. 1 and re-open on Jan.15th They will serve lunch and breakfast as well as current dinner menu

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        Could you please elaborate on what you ate and what the prices are like? Thanks!

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          hi mainsqueeze, here goes full review,
          I called at 6pm and made a reservation for 9pm. We were warmly greeted upon our arrival and immediately seated. The waiter was attentive and charming. He took our order, made several fantastic suggestions and brought us some yummy pitas with two spreads. One was labneh (a herbed soft cheese) the other was hummous. The hummous was smoky and smooth. We started with 3 appetizers. I had lamb samosas which were outstanding; fried crispy with an earthy lamb filling. Hubby had a charred Octopus salad. It was a huge tentacle on a bed of lentils. He found the octopus to be a tad on the dry side but the meat was not chewy and had a delicate texture. We shared a plate of falafel which were crispy and served on a salad of fresh greens, grape tomatoes and pickled beets. I was feeling quite full at this point but wanted to try the veal cheeeks I had heard so much about. The waiter suggested I order the smaller portion from the appetizer menu. I m glad i took his advise as even that serving proved difficult to finish. Hubby had fish of the day which he proclaimed to be fantastic and exquisitely fresh. It was dorade which i don't know the translation for. All I know is that it was served with head and tail and both were relieved of every molecule of goodness by the time hubby finished. My veal cheeks were moist and flavourful with a yummy yoghurt topping and a bed of chick peas. Our wine was a burgundy half bottle for 46$ that paired well with all the dishes. We ended the meal with 3$ delice de bazaar desert plate; a slice of nutty halvah, pomegranate molasses and a petit date cookie. Small
          .and perfect. Our total bill came to 180 with tax and tip. A great meal !!!

          1. re: crispy1

            Dorade = sea bream.

            Did they mention where the new location will be? I walked the stretch from St-Laurent to Ste-Catherine yesterday evening and the locale of the former Alloro would seem the most likely candidate. (When driving by it with a friend the other day, she wondered if the location wasn't cursed, given the high failure rate of the restos that have briefly called it home.)

            Also interesting and a little ominous was the fact that at 8:15 p.m., while Jun-i and Bazaar were nearly full, there were two patrons each at Bruno Bistro and Raza and a single table of six at La Forchetta.

            1. re: carswell

              having consumed wine the data of the coordinates is a bit murky for the new location however I remember Laurier and SAQ if that means anything plus phone number will still be the same. I also remember something about it being a smaller location.

            2. re: crispy1

              Thanks so much for your detailed response! We are considering bazaar for our anniversary dinner - it's nice to know what to expect.