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Nov 23, 2007 09:56 AM

What are your favorite edible gifts to make?

This year I was thinking of making peanut brittle and peppermint bark for small gift bags for the random people you want to acknowledge but aren't going to buy specfic gifts for (co-workers and such).

What is your favorite recipe for an easy edible gift?

Here's my favorite peanut brittle recipe:


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  1. When we visit, particularly out-of-town, I take my hosts wild Trout or Salmon.

    If one is available I like to give a freshly filletted piece caught that day or the day before: else, recently frozen. I often include a package of my smoked fish as well.

    1. Fudge. I do a maple-black walnut fudge made with white chocolate, a chocolate cherry chile fudge, and a fruitcake fudge with dried cherries, pecans and candied orange peel.

      1. This year we're planning jars of homemade raspberry jam and pecan butter along with a fresh loaf of baked bread. Placed in a wicker basket (got those at the dollar store) along with a few holiday napkins and two small spreading knives (also compliments of the dollar store).

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          I am Like HillJ I have a hobbie of making jams/jellies and give them as gifts. they make
          a great gift for any occasion. any time of the year. and it makes a great last minute gift
          just tie a ribbon around it a card if you have one. Like i always say with this type of
          question, I don`t know anyone that does`nt like to recieve jams/jellies as a gift.

        2. Check out this thread for some fantastic ideas, including *lavender truffles* which I'm going to try this year:

          1. Biscotti and a half pound of coffee beans from our local roaster. Current favorite biscotti flavors are cranberry-pistachio and chocolate-hazelnut.