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What are your favorite edible gifts to make?

This year I was thinking of making peanut brittle and peppermint bark for small gift bags for the random people you want to acknowledge but aren't going to buy specfic gifts for (co-workers and such).

What is your favorite recipe for an easy edible gift?

Here's my favorite peanut brittle recipe:




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  1. When we visit, particularly out-of-town, I take my hosts wild Trout or Salmon.

    If one is available I like to give a freshly filletted piece caught that day or the day before: else, recently frozen. I often include a package of my smoked fish as well.

    1. Fudge. I do a maple-black walnut fudge made with white chocolate, a chocolate cherry chile fudge, and a fruitcake fudge with dried cherries, pecans and candied orange peel.

      1. This year we're planning jars of homemade raspberry jam and pecan butter along with a fresh loaf of baked bread. Placed in a wicker basket (got those at the dollar store) along with a few holiday napkins and two small spreading knives (also compliments of the dollar store).

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          I am Like HillJ I have a hobbie of making jams/jellies and give them as gifts. they make
          a great gift for any occasion. any time of the year. and it makes a great last minute gift
          just tie a ribbon around it a card if you have one. Like i always say with this type of
          question, I don`t know anyone that does`nt like to recieve jams/jellies as a gift.

        2. Check out this thread for some fantastic ideas, including *lavender truffles* which I'm going to try this year:


          1. Biscotti and a half pound of coffee beans from our local roaster. Current favorite biscotti flavors are cranberry-pistachio and chocolate-hazelnut.

            1. favorites that friends have given me:
              lemon curd bar cookies
              cranberry-ginger fresh preserves (good for a month in the fridge)

              I like things that cut through some of the fat and richness of the holiday food with sharp tastes
              : )

              1. We went to a friends' house for Thanksgiving, and they served homemade raspberry liquor after dinner...the stuff was incredible! So, I'm planning on making that for Christmas gifts.

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                  Wow! That sounds great. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

                2. I don't make edible gifts that often, but when I do, peppermint bark or a simple cookie half dipped in milk or white chocolate. The peppermint bark always seems to be a hit, doesn't it? I generally give a batch of a chocolate version, milk or dark, depending on what the recipient likes, plus a white chocolate version in each gift.

                  1. I've made lemon curd and various other jams, biscotti and other cookies, peanut brittle, and that almond toffee with chocolate stuff. I think peanut brittle would probably have been the easiest if I hadn't shelled my own peanuts. Ugh.

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                        Ugh is right, willow. Not as bad as walnuts or Brazil nuts or the dreaded chestnuts, but still... I remember when I was growing up (ya know, back in the day when we had to trudge to and from school everyday five miles uphill both ways barefoot through a raging blizzard)...we always had to shell the nuts. Planters were available, but nobody ever bought them. That would be lazy. So...if we wanted one peanut or one hundred, we shelled them. Cuts and calluses, eh?

                        I make biscotti for us here at home, and we like it, but I don't think mine is good enough to give away...except maybe to the dog. I salute you.

                      2. one year i made truffles. another year i made various desserts on different days. this year i am going to try a really easy recipe for an oreo truffle.

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                          Easy's the key. I'm always thrilled to get homemade treats from my friends. That in itself is enough.