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Nov 23, 2007 09:38 AM

Something like Apizz, but...

Looking for a new (to me) place for a first date on the LES or in the EV.

I really liked Apizz, Lavagna, Peasant, Cacio de Pepe, etc. but would like to try something new.

My date doesn't eat a lot of meat and I'd prefer someplace that accepts credit cards (rules out Perbacco and Assenzio).

Thinking possibly The Orchard, Barbone, IL Bagatto, Little Giant, Lupa???



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  1. Lupa is fabulous and remains one of my favorite Italian places in town ('course I love all things Batali) - but it's a tough get for a reservation - so call early and often. I'm a big fan of Il Buco on Bond Street and think it a great first date place . And, I certainly don't think you can go wrong at The Orchard. the flatbreads are very good.

    1. The Orchard is good, as is Hearth.