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Nov 23, 2007 09:30 AM

Best Brazilian Steakhouse in Miami

What is hte best brazlian steakhouse in Miami. I've been to Procao, but I think it is pretty pricy and I bet there are better places out there. Any suggestions?

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  1. Rodizio - I would say Grimpa - prices are better than porcao and so is the food.

    1. So, a year later, what's the current rundown on rodizios/churrascarias in the Miami area?

      What are your favorites?

      Where to go if money is no object?
      Where to go when you're minding your wallet/purse?

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        Texas de brazil is pretty solid. I hear the new on located south of 5th (fogo de chao) is better but I have not been. I don't think grimpa is around anymore.

        1. re: tpigeon

          In the last two months I've been to TdB four times while entertaining customers from out-of-town and have extremely pleased. Each experience has been quite. I don't know about awesome but very good, very solid and very reliable and that's important when it comes to entertaining clients. TdB also e-mails very generous coupons. When the new place in South Beach opened, I received a 50% Off Coupon for a party of 6 or more dining Monday thru Thrusday. This equated to over $300 off our our bill! Their managers are very responsive and we've had very good, solid experiences there.


          1. re: LargeLife

            LargeLife, how does the one on South Beach compare to the one in Dolphin Mall?

            1. re: racer x

              Great question....I've dined at both recently......I found the one at Dolphin Mall to be somewhat more efficient because the wait staff and the kitchen seemed more in sync......Certainly the one in South Beach is HUGE, very similar in motif and has a scenic view of the marina, the causeway and the Miami skyline which is nice.....Food was the same at both places.....Very good and consistently so.....One tip I'll give you.....always ask to be near the kitchen.....That way you first crack at the cuts of meat coming right off the grill......The one in South Beach has an ENORMOUS bar......And of course the one in South Beach has the sights that only restaurants in South Beach get!!!!......


      2. Has anyone been to Flamma, next to Racks on NE 163rd St?