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Nov 23, 2007 09:24 AM


I did a quick search on the board and was sad to see that nobody has ever mentioned Taba's Restaurant ( (564 Wilson Heights Blvd.). It's a small little place just north of Sheppard (west of Bathurst), focusing primarily on Mediterranean cuisine. They are currently doing some promotions (4 course prix fixe dinners) and called my mother-in-law to let her know. My parents-in-law were frequent customers at the chef's previous establishment.

We went last month to their Argentinian night which consisted of beef empanadas, soup, mixed meat platter, and dessert (3 choices). The empanadas were amazing, and a very nice change to the typical bread basket. The soup was also very tasty. The piece de resistance was the meat platter - tons of lamb, sausage, and steak, with a tasty chimichurri sauce on the side. The host and chef are so hospitable - it's like you are entering into their home, into their kitchen. After the chef finished preparing for all the tables there, he started to come around to all the tables with extras, asking people what they liked best...and wouldn't take "no, I'm full" for an answer.

Tonight, we're going back for their seafood dinner! I'm sure it's going to be equally great.

They were also planning on a churrasco night but I think we might have missed it.

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  1. Glanced at the menu - seems promising.
    Do you happen to know (maybe you could ask) - do they have the BYOW endorsement to their liquor licence?

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      Hi estufarian,
      It is not a BYOB, however, they are so accommodating that I would suggest giving them a call in advance to see if they were OK with it (but I don't know the legal issues with that - if they need some type of endorsement).

    2. In the same area, Le Montmartre is not very well know though it is good. French fare, fireplace, nice and attentive service, reasonable prices. They don't make any publicity but they manage to be always packed, mostly in winter.

      1. I agree that the food is good, but the place does not look clean. It needs a coat of paint, and some freshening up which would probably help boost their business.

        1. I really wanted to like this place, especially since it's in my neighbourhood, The friendliness of the owner and staff is exceptional, very nice people! I've eaten there a couple of time and one the highlights for me is the liver paté appetizer. It's presented at the beginning of the meal, along with bread and 'melba toast' like dippers. Yummy!
          The entreés are mostly seafood based, which is not what I usually order, so I don't feel my opinion would be useful. The feeling that the place 'does not look clean' has some validity. The summer patio out front is nice, but the view is of a gas station and typical North York suburban architecture with minor people watching value. I find it annoying that the website doesn't work unless you use IE. I'm actually surprised that they have survived as long as they have in this location and my impression is that they're losing money and don't have the resources to upgrade the 'look and feel' of the place. I hope I'm wrong because I hate to lose a local restaurant.

          1. Went there on the weekend.

            Ambience is not the best. Not awful. Just not the best.

            Service was amazing and friendly.

            Food was potato and broccoli soup and a salmon filet with rice, snow peas, and carrots. All very tasty, the salmon melted in my mouth (and not because of over-buttering, either).

            A very nice restaurant, and I will be returning. Hopefully their business picks up, I agree that the neighbourhood doesn't give you inspiring views.