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Nov 23, 2007 09:12 AM

Avenue/Wilson - Avenue/Lawrence

Desperately need some advice on good restaurants including takeout and delivery for this area. I have lived there for three years and just cant cope with the same any more, and cant find any thing else good.

I am aware of Thai Plate, Pussaterri's, Steak Pit (nasty), Lobster Trap, Il Fornaro, Rossini's, Black Cat (nasty), Safari (no good), Millie's, etc. so any new out of the way or places that I shoudl try would be appreciated, as its down to McDonalds in an emergency....

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  1. I recently asked a similar question - see the excellent responses here:

    I realize now that during my struggle with the DSL blackhole that is this neighbourhood, I forgot to thank the kind folks who replied on that thread. Thanks, Magic, Juno and Yongeman, I'm slowly working my way through things.

    Teffub - is there anything at all worthwhile at Safari, in your opinion? I've only been by once and the lamb burger was ok, mostly I was just on the prowl for a place in the 'chood to have a beer.

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    1. re: gimel

      Awesome. Many thanks! Safari is just bar food...nachos, etc. Nothing special. I live 100 meters from there and went once...

      1. re: gimel

        Safari is a good spot for a drink on the terrace in summer. Otherwise, I found their salads too fancy for my taste and too expensive.

      2. United Bakers Dairy Restaurant -- Lawrence Plaza --North York 416-789-0519
        Excellent breakfast and lunch. The place is always crowded : that tells!
        Take-out counter.

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          Love United....and they have the best pea soup in town. My hubby always gets the fish and chips... kinda jewish style. Don't ask, you just have to try it and you will know what I mean. What about Coppi? We've had some wonderful meals there. May be on Yonge, I always get Avenue Road and Yonge mixed up...but they are pretty close to each other.
          Also Sequel, never been but it looks nice?

        2. What did you think of the Lobster Trap? I pass it quite often and I always wonder.

          1. Tried 2 newly opened places in this neighbourhood, near my house.

            The French Quarter is a Parisen style deli. I havnt tried any of their duck or cured meats, etc., but their croissants are among the best I have ever had. Very nice service. Not cheap, but good croissants generally aren't cheap anywhere. Highly recommend their croissants. Its a huge boon to the area.

            Also tried Stratto. Needed a reservation as there was a full house whenever I drove by and even a small line up at the entrance. its a 'neighbourhood Italian restaurant'. Kind of like Paese, but smaller. And not nearly as good...

            The service was very good and the owner/maitre'd was also very nice. The problem was the food. None of it was bad, but it just wasnt good enough to go back for any particular reason. Whats the point of opening up a new Italian restuarant in an neighbourhood that so badly needs a new restaurant, if its not 'great food'...? For average food, there are two other places Italian restaurants on the block - Rossini and Il Fornero - that have been there for years, and are also not great. I was really hoping for this place, especially after seeing how busy it was when it had just opened - but after trying it, i think that other visitors will be just like me - hoping for something great, willing to try it once or twice, and then not being in any rush to go back.

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            1. re: Teffub

              What's wrong with The Steak Pit? We've eaten it about once a month for the last 25 years and are generally pleased. There is an Indian reataurant next to Baskin and Robbins called Mela that is quite good. We pick up there at least once a week. There is no decent Chinese so I drive to Congee Queen at Don Mills and Lawrence. Only takes about 10 minutes if you cut through the Bridal Path. Burger Shack at Eglinton and Oriole is an instituion. Ciccio's on Yonge at Cranbrook has good inexpensive pasta, soup and sandwiches. Had really good pizza at Trio on Yonge, right across from Ciccio a couple of weeks ago. Steve's restaurant makes on Bathurst just north of Wilson is a great diner and makes way better Greek Salad than United. And Pancers deli is only about a block or 2 north odf Steve's.

            2. There are a whole bunch of great places no one has mentioned yet. First of all, what about the new Honey's Beestro? Great wings. Also, there is Locavore, the Greek Gourmet (I think that is what it is called), The Firkin restaurant, The Bistro (say what you will about the franchises and St. Louis but the original is still great), Rossini (good old school Italian) Pizaetta (Yonge and Wilson-across from Wildfire), and for Chinese, you gotta love Sea Hi. We also like Herschey's but the service is not so great.

              Has anyone eaten at Bon Vivant? It says that it was on restaurant makover, but I don't see it.

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              1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                I agree that the "French Quarter" has a great croissant. Its a charming addition to the neighborhood and the young women who serves you, really knows her stuff.
                Im glad to see that someone reported on Stratto (I previously posted - and no one replied). A friend of mine tried it, and he said the same thing..."lacked flavor...just average". However every time I drive by...the restaurant is full . Clearly the neighborhood is supporting it (at the moment).

                1. re: domesticgodess

                  We tried Stratto last week, and indeed it was quite full. If memory serves, service was quite good, my wife's lasagna was somewhat one-dimensional in flavour, but my cannelloni with pine nuts and rapini was quite tasty. The beer selection was on the sad side - we didn't get into the winelist that night.

                  Speaking of which, now that I'm reviewing the Honey Beestro chain's menu online, their selection of draft beer is disappointing as well.

                  1. re: gimel

                    I think that it is a mistake for restaranteurs to think that just because they are catering to families and casual diners in an Italian style neighbourhood restaurant, that diners, particualrly in this neighbourhood, aren't demanding in terms of flavour and sophistication of foods. By making everything mild the food lacks any inspiration or flavour.Five Doors North on Yonge near Davisville is a good example of doing things right. Good flavour, interesting menu.