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Nov 23, 2007 08:04 AM

REVIEW: Cafe Contigo, Anaheim

I debated titling this small review of a coffeehouse in downtown Anaheim "Porto's in OC", but decided against it because it would come up in the wrong searches.

Yesterday, I wanted out, and I wanted coffee, and I passed it and thought, "I should try that!" Except, of course, it was Thanksgiving and the only things open for coffee were Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Fourbucks -- so I went to the Fourbucks next to the gas station at Ball and Harbor.

Then this morning, I went to Cafe Contigo.

Cafe Contigo is a new Cuban coffeeshop in the corner of an old historic building next to a carwash near the corner of Anaheim Boulevard and Broadway. It opened about two weeks ago with little fanfare, but it should get some soon -- the coffee is fantastic. I have this theory that the Americans spawned the $4 coffee revolution but the Cubans have been quietly making the best coffee for 300 years or so.

And so I ordered a cafe con leche (which is essentially a caffe latte, but slightly sweetened with raw molasses, and no bloody foam, which is just fine with me) and a "refugiado" (you know this as a guava-cheese pastry). On a plate next to the register are free pastries for dunking into your coffee (think biscotti but better-tasting and not nearly as hard).

The coffee was just perfect -- still a little bitter but not the unpalatable alum feeling of completely unsweetened coffee -- and when I dunked one of the "dry" pastries into the coffee, it sweetened it just enough to make it perfect.

The refugiado, though, seemed AWFULLY familiar -- and so I pulled over the barista and said, "So do you make your pastries in-house, or buy them in?"

"Well, some we make in-house, and all the sandwiches, but a lot of the pastries we buy from this bakery in Glend..."

"A-HA! I *knew* this was a Porto's pastry!"

"You know about Porto's?! You're like the third person to have that reaction!!"

So, yes -- the guava and guava-cheese pastries are from Porto's. They buy them frozen from the warehouse in Irwindale and then bake and glaze them in-house. They don't suffer from being frozen -- in fact this is how the bakeries themselves get the pastries, they're almost all made in the warehouse.

So there you go -- Porto's in OC.

Cafe Contigo
327 S. Anaheim Blvd. #A
Anaheim, CA

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Great review, thanks for the info !

        1. Nice post. The owners, Linda and Petros, are two of the nicest people you could ever possibly meet and I hope that they do well in the area. It's undergoing a turnaround and soon they should have a lot of buzz and a lot traffic. Stake your claim now while it's still a little quieter.

          1. Thanks for the tip 'DU'. Will have to give this one a try, sounds great. We're almost around the corner from it (vacinity of Ball & Walnut). Maybe tommarow. Will get back with a comment.