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Good Beer Bars/Bistros

Looking to take out a client for afternoon beers today in the Yonge/Dundas area. Willing to venture to Bay and as north as Isabella and as South as Richmond. He's a guys guy. Likes his beers and likes his hockey...not into being wined and dined.

I was wondering if any Houndies could help with suggestions? There's a bar with a good beer selection near Brownstones on Yonge, but I can't remember the name for the life of me.


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  1. I think you are thinking of Volo. I haven't been there, but it's often mentioned on CH for it's selection of beers: http://www.barvolo.com/. Actually maybe it's a bit too far north?

    Is King too far south? There's always Beerbistro.

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      Bar Volo is what i was thinking of. Has anyone been to Red Charcoal? Seems like a good burger and beer spot.

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        I like hockey. A lot. I like Volo somewhat. I also enjoy going to Hernando's on the east side of Yonge just south of Wellesley for margaritas and Leafs. Game time being 8:30pm tonight, you could have many beers at Volo and follow with dinner at the bar at Hernando's. Not a huge tv, but the staff will allow the sound to be turned up and many of them know and enjoy the game too so it's a conducive environment. Saturday's they'll even turn up Don Cherry so you can hear him if you ask nicely.

        I hear BeerBistro is good, but haven't been so can't rec. Still searching for more 'good food and a Leafs game' places. Yesssss some of us have taste. Enough already.

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          I have been to red charcoal once and aside from a reeeeeaaaaly long wait for our food, the burger i had was excellent - HUGE and tasty. They have a large list of unusual hamburgers there including one topped with nutella, peanut butter and brie cheese! i was not brave enough to try it (although i admit to being intrigued) so i stuck with the "wild burger" which i think was topped with hot peppers and jalepeno havarti (it was in the summer so i dont remember exactly).
          if anyone does go there and tries the nutella burger, please report back!

      2. How about Rebel House or Beer Bistro? Both have good beer selections (especially BB) and food: burgers at Rebel House and outstanding frites at BB.

        BB also has a big flat screen behind the bar and usually has games on (there are afternoon NHL games on today because of American Thanksgiving).

        Rebel House
        1068 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L4, CA

        Beer Bistro
        18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

        1. Volo would have been my suggestion, and it's actually just south of Isabella, so it's within your limits. I've only been for beers (it seems from what I've read here that the food is underwhelming aside from the local cheeses), but really enjoyed it. A massive beer list you can spend a long time poring over, and the bartender seems pretty knowledgeable if you want to try something new and need a recommendation.

          1. Volo doesn't seem to me like a hockey-loving guy's guy kind of place. What about a pub? There's the Devil's Advocate over on Bay north of Dundas, wide-screen TV.

            Or the Hard Rock Cafe.

            Hard Rock Cafe
            279 Yonge, Toronto, ON M5B1N8, CA

            Devil's Advocate
            655 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

            1. For beer selection, you can't beat either Volo or Beer Bistro. Note though that Volo isn't open until at least 4pm (and sometimes they open a little later than that).

              1. In addition to what's been mentioned, there's a few other places that'll have the game on though they may be a little out of the area you stated:

                Smokeless Joe - John St, north of Adelaide
                C'est What - Front & Church
                Victory Cafe - Markham St. (Bloor & Bathurst)

                Last time I was at Volo, they did have the Raptors game on, so the Leaf game could be on there. Out of all the better beer places in Toronto, beerbistro has the biggest TV.

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                  I like the sounds of Volo simply becasue they have quite the beer list. We're planning on a liquid dinner tonight so there won't be much room for food. Tonight we dine on hops!

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                    beerbistro gets very very noisy and it's mostly because of the afterwork crowd that takes over the bar area. it doesn't help that most of the furniture and walls are hard either... volo is more relaxed in that sense and their list is even a touch more interesting than beerbistros.

                    where ever you choose... get a good fill of the american microbrew. if you're a big bold hop lover like myself then you won't be disappointed.

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                      And if you do get hungry PLEASE have the steak quesadilla dinner at Hernando's with your game.

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                        Hernando's Hideaway
                        545 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1Y5, CA

                  2. +

                    587 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

                    1. I think it's worth it to go down to the Distillery ... you really can't beat the beer and it's such a great atmosphere.

                      1. Just cuz he doesn't like to be wined 'n' dined doesn't mean you should eat ... poorly.
                        Beerbistro Yonge & King - an absolutely amazing selection of beers, and a tremendous chef, too. Don't cater to his base taste, educate him!!!

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                          best food in a bar in the entire city, there isn't really any contest with this one.

                          Excellent beer selection, some are truly pricey. They have waupoos cider on tap, big big fan.

                          Although last time I was in there, I overheard someone trying to order bud light. GASP!

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                            Best food in a bar?

                            I think Beerbistro is probably better characterized as "best beer in a restaurant".