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Nov 23, 2007 07:20 AM

dinner tonight in banff?

going up to meet a girlfriend in banff tonight - i've only eaten at Bison Mountain Bistro(which I enjoy), it's time to try something new though. Not too expensive, but good food and decent wine would be great. any suggestions?

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  1. pants:

    I had a good dinner at Fuze during my last trip to Banff in the Spring. I have seen some so-so reviews from other "Chowhounds" but my oysters followed by the New York strip flavoured with East Indian spices rather than the traditional black peppercorns was excellent. Good wine list as well.

    Before that I popped into the Maple Leaf lounge or something to that effect and looked at their menu which was good and their wine list which was better. It was late afternoon so the kitchen had not opened and I wandered off to Fuze.

    I get to Jasper more often than Banff so would appreciate hearing what you tried and how it went to keep up to speed on what is happening there food wize.

    1. Not sure what you mean by not too expensive. Banff restaurants in general are overpriced, I think. Last time I was there, I ate at the Maple Leaf Grill. Good, 'big meat' Alberta food. Appetizer plate of game, cheese, etc., was good but maybe not worth the price. I had a bison tenderloin that was perfectly done. Others in my party had elk, that they all raved about (visitors from Italy who have never had elk). There were 8 of us - 4 appetizer plates, 8 entrees and 4 bottles of wine for about $750 I think.

      Same trip I ate at Ticini, which was far better than I expected. Kind of an unassuming place on the way into town, hidden behind some bushes. Again, 8 people (different group), similar food, maybe twice the amount of wine...I only caught a glimpse of the bill - enough to see that it was at least $1000 (but under 1100). Which, for the quality of the food and the amount we were drinkin, wasn't too bad for Banff.

      Cheaper places...most trips there I go to Balkan, a Greek place on the main street down at the river end. Nothing special, but OK souvlaki and shawarma at an OK price in a typically over-decorated (cluttered) Canadian Greek restaurant. And a couple years ago I ate at one called Coyote Grill, which was a strange hybrid of southwestern and mediterranean food. Remember it as being quite good.

      Overall, best rec right now would be Maple Leaf.

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      1. re: Dan G

        I second maple leaf as best in banff, but not inexpensive. If you want less expensive, but great, head into canmore to quarry or zona's.

        1. re: Dan G

          i've heard good things about coyote grill - maybe a bit fancier than that.

          i'm not looking for cheap, i know banff is overpriced, it's to be expected being a resort and all. if i can keep it around the $60-$70/person for entree and portion of a bottle of wine that would be good.

          1. re: pants

            Maple Leaf would fit the bill, despite the somewhat silly mountain cabin decor. Entrees were in the $25-40 range, and I think that's the place I was drinking Hill of Content, a nice Aussie GSM (maybe just GS....) for about $35 /bottle.

            1. re: Dan G

              I recall their wine list being very extensive. we had a wonderful pinot and meritage that I wish I could remember the names of. I think we spent about $50/btl. It was a wonderful dinner, and I felt that it was worth the price we paid. I had a trio of creme brulee that was fantastic....if it is still on the menu I hight recommend it.

        2. well, we ended up at Bison Mountain Bistro and it was lovely - they have a fall special on - 3 courses for $35 and we did the wine pairings fo $23 extra. Huge portions, no way to eat it all. I had the Wild mushroom soup to start, bison meatloaf and a delightful pumpkin tart thing - everything was great but they could easily cut the portions and it would still be tons of food.